Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum Biography

Martha MacCallum is an American TV journalist. She works as a news anchor because that the Fox News Channel i m sorry is in new York. Additionally, She has functioned at Fox News for much more than ten years after involvement the channel in January 2004.

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Martha functions as the anchor and executive editor of The Story through Martha MacCallum. Her show airs on weeknights from 7 pm/ET. Moreover, she also co-hosts America’s Newsroom.

MacCallum has actually earnеd twо Grасіе аwаrdѕ rерrеѕеntіng thе fеmаlе јоurnаlіѕtѕ. Because of her commitment to work, shе hаѕ аlѕо receivеd а Ѕоldіеrѕосkѕ аwаrd.

Martha MacCallum period

How old is Martha MacCallum? MacCallum is 57 year old together of 2021. She was born top top January 31, 1964, in Buffalo, new York in the unified States. In addition, she celebrates her birthday on January 31st every year and her birth surname is Martha Bowes MacCallum.

Martha MacCallum Family

MacCallum’s dad is well-known as Douglas C. MacCallum, Jr. And her mommy is called Elizabeth B. Both ofher parents space of Caucasianethnicity. Martha was brought up in Wyckoff, new Jersey in the united States.

Martha MacCallum Husband | kids | Daughter

On Аuguѕt 22, 1992, Martha obtained married to Daniel john Gregory (Dan Gregory). Their wedding ceremony was private and also in attendance were their close friends and family members only.

Martha’s husband Gregory is a vice chairman of Gregory Packaging Incorporation. The pair has three kids together; 2 boysEdward Reed GregoryandHarry MacCallum Gregory and also a girl calledElizabeth Bowes Gregory. They surname their daughter Elizabeth after Martha’s mother.

Martha MacCallum’s Height

Martha Bowes Education

MacCallum studied at Ramapo High school in Franklin Lakes, brand-new Jersey. Later on on, she joined St. Lawrence University, Canton County, new York whereby she studied and also graduated in politics science.

Additionally, she additionally studied at the circle in the Square Theatre School, Broadway Theatre, Manhattan.

Martha MacCallum Fox News

MacCallum join Fox News Channel in January 2004. She came to be the hold of a program called The first 100 job on Fox News Channel. However, the show adjusted its name to The Story v Martha MacCallum on April 28, 2017.

Moreover, Martha functions as the anchor and also executive editor the The Story v Martha MacCallum. Her display airs on weeknights indigenous 7 pm/ET. Moreover, she also co-hosts America’s Newsroom.

Martha Bowes Career

In 1991, McCallum commenced her journalism career at wall Street newspaper Television. Right here she served asa organization news correspondent and anchor forThe wall Street journal Report,World market Outlook, as well asBusiness USA.

Later on, she relocated toWBIS-TVin 1996 wherein she functioned as a news anchor and reporter. Previously, Martha has likewise worked together a reporter and anchor in ~ NBC/CNBC.

In addition, Martha additionally served in The News through Brian Williams, today Show, BC affiliates, and CNBC World. Later on on, Martha was called the co-anchor for CNBC’sMorning speak to with Martha MacCallum and Ted David.

The journalist additionally became the hold of a program referred to as The an initial 100 days on Fox News Channel. However, the show changed its name to The Story v Martha MacCallum ~ above April 28, 2017. Martha is additionally an executive, management director of the show. She also co-hosts America’s Newsroom.

Martha MacCallum Book

MacCallum has actually authored a book well-known as Unknown Valor: A Story that Family, Courage, and also Sacrifice native Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima.

Martha Bowes Neck Surgery

As of now, there is no information concerning Martha’s surgery. It will be updated soon.

Martha Bowes residence | Home

MacCallum has actually a mansion in Chatham, Massachusetts. When she to buy it, it was the 1960s home and she redesigned it to what she actually wanted. Her home isfrequently filled v family and also friends gathering. In addition, she home has an impressive Ouster Pond view.

Martha MacCallum salary | network Worth

MacCallum has an approximated net worth of $8 million. Her income is largely attributed to her career as a TV news anchor and host. In addition, her annual salary is estimated to be $700,000.


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