Maureen McCormick is ideal known for playing Marcia Brady in the sitcom "The Brady Bunch," i beg your pardon aired native 1969 to 1974.

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Who Is Maureen McCormick?

Actress Maureen McCormick shot come stardom v her role as teenager Marcia Brady ~ above the tv sitcom The Brady Bunch. McCormick fought drug addiction after the collection ended, and eventually overcame she addictions. 

Early Life and Career

Maureen Denise McCormick was born on august 5, 1956, in backwoods Hills, California, the youngest and only daughter that Richard and also Irene McCormick. She father was a schoolteacher, and her mommy was a stay-at-home mom. She has three larger brothers: Michael, Dennis and Kevin.

Beginning at a really early age, McCormick love to sing and dance, and also would frequently put on puppet reflects for the neighborhood children. Her fairytale climb to reputation started as soon as she winner the Baby miss San Fernando Valley dispute at the age of 6, which resulted in a speak to from talent certified dealer Pat Domigan of the Jack Wormser Agency, who asked if she would prefer to it is in in present business.

McCormick landing her very first major project in 1964, when she starred in a tv commercial for Mattel's newest doll, "Baby Pattaburp." later that year, she did another commercial because that the company's "Chatty Cathy" doll and also was soon cast in the beat Wind that Up and also It Breaks, at the La Jolla Playhouse.

'The Brady Bunch'

In 1969, McCormick was preferred from a ar of 1,200 children who auditioned come play the eldest of three towheaded daughters top top the new TV sitcom The Brady Bunch, certification Florence Henderson and Robert Reed together newlyweds with a blended family. The present ran for 5 years.

In her book Here's the Story: making it through Marcia Brady and also Finding mine True Voice, published in 2008, McCormick revealed that throughout the show's 5th season, she nearly lost her virginity to she onscreen brother and also co-star, Barry Williams. She was 16 year old at the time; he was 19. "It would have actually happened," she said, "but the time was never right because that us."

In the meantime, McCormick i graduated from william Howard Taft High school in woodland Hills.

In 1981, the entire actors of The Brady Bunch, who had actually kept in touch casually over the years, rejoined to make the TV movie The Brady Brides. McCormick to be 25 year old in ~ the time, and also by then heavily into cocaine and quaaludes. The actress would also star in The Brady Bunch Hour, A really Brady Christmas and The Brady Girls get Married.



Maureen McCormick

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After gift passed over for a an ext serious function in the movie Midnight Express, starring Brad Davis, she landing a role in Take down in 1979—but by the time, she was frequenting the cocaine dens the Hollywood, coming to be addicted come drugs and pills. She once admitted to date actor Steve Martin if she was "fried" the end of she brain. The two had only one date. During the manufacturing of The Brady Brides, McCormick's agent discovered her in her closet, high top top cocaine, after absent three work of production.

"I was so addicted come cocaine, it virtually destroyed me," McCormick claimed in one interview through Access Hollywood. "It came to be my everything."

Marriage and also Rehab

McCormick married gibbs Michael Cummings on march 16, 1985. Your daughter, Natalie Michelle, to be born on might 19, 1989.

After marrying Cummings, McCormick challenged her depression and addictions head on. She had actually several stints in rehab and dabbled in speculative therapy, which verified successful. She and also her family worked out in Westlake, California.

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Later Career

Along with releasing a country-music album, 1995's When You get a tiny Lonely, McCormick continued to surface in films and also TV shows. Many notably, she joined the group of contestants because that season 5 of VH1's Celebrity to the right Club in 2007, ultimately winning the onscreen contest. This suffer led she to do the connection between her weight gain and depression, and also she publicly handle her mental health and also drug issues.