Marques Houston and his mam Miya Dickey have actually announced the bear of their first child. Last year, after people started questioning Miya’s period at the moment of their marriage, the R&B singer publicly protected their age gap and hit back at the critics. So, exactly how old is Marques’ wife in 2021?

The pair has named their infant daughter Zara. It was picked by Miya since she felt it was “exotic”, the singer told united state Weekly.

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Marques Houston and model wife name baby daughter Zara

Marques announced the birth of his and Miya’s daughter, Zara, on Instagram today, December 8, 2021. However, that didn’t disclose her exact day of birth.

He’s watched kissing his just-born infant in the picture. In the caption, that wrote, “My Heart”

The childbirth announcement was sudden together neither the them had actually dropped any clues or spoken about gift pregnant.

How old is Miya Dickey?

Miya was 19 year old as soon as she acquired married come Marques in 2020.

The singer’s post, wherein he handle his wife’s age, was mutual on June 17, 2020. The singer noted that she was 19 in ~ the time.

This method Miya is two decades old in 2021. Marques that was born in 1981 is 40 years old. The couple has an age gap the 20 years.

Marques and Miya got engaged in march 2019 after ~ “five month of dating”, follow to united state Weekly. So, they got into a partnership sometime roughly November 2018 if the reports are to it is in believed.

Today, she common a picture of her infant bump native her pregnant photoshoot after maintaining it hidden until the birth of she daughter.

The singer mutual the same picture and captioned it, “I love girlfriend Miya, my wife, my rock, my baby mama to clock you lug our boy was nothing quick of a miracle!”

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What walk the sister Sister gibbs say about his fiance’s age?

Last year, Marques common a long short article on Instagram to attend to the conversations surrounding the period of his mam at the time.

He wrote, “After analysis the Blog that was published around my fiancé and I, i felt v this case I necessary to speak due to the fact that this is not music or television, this is my family, my future wife and also my life.”

Marques met Miya with Chris Stokes” daughter Chrissy Morales, that were friends in 2018.

“Miya and also I didn’t begin dating until she to be an adult. We fell in love and got involved in march of 2019,” he explained further.

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