Mark Wahlberg is one American actor and former rapper that initially gained prominence as part of the team Marky Mark and also the Funky Bunch. The team released two albums in the early 90s before Mark transitioned into acting. That made his debut inRenaissance Manin 1994, and two years later, note landed his very first starring function inFear.

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The revolve of the century saw note break right into big-budget productions, includingPlanet of the Apes, The Italian Job,andThe Perfect Storm.Mark later demonstrated his versatility by starring in a slate of comedy films, includingTed, The various other Guys, and also Daddy’s Home.So far, Mark has actually executive created five HBO shows.

Mark’s success hinges on the stable family members life he maintains with his wife, Rhea Durham. This post details Rhea’s influence on Mark’s life, the couple’s children, and also Rhea’s career.

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Mark revealed the Rhea made him believe in love again


Rhea Durham experienced moderate success together a model before quitting come take treatment of her kids. She functioned with ELLE, Vogue, and Marie Claire and also walked on the 2000 and 2001 Victoria’s an enig Fashion Shows. Mark told The Sun the Rhea offered up modeling to end up being a mother:

“I fan a lot to mine wife. She has actually helped me come to be the male that ns am and created a beautiful life for me and our children. You require the ideal woman in her life and that emotion that you room going to be together for a lengthy time. Rhea always wanted to be a mother. She had a job, but her mission in life to be to be a mother and to it is in a wife.”

Durham’s modeling career began after she won a contest organized by design Scouts in ~ a local mall. She had actually no on purpose of participating in the competition once she acquired to the mall, but she established an opportunity and gambled. Durham ended up signing for IMG Models, which aided elevate she standing in the modeling industry.

Durham doesn’t allow Mark to take part in sex scenes

The acting pro in Rhea and also Mark’s family members is certainly Mark, yet Durham does have a say on the extent of Mark’s authorized in front of a camera. Because that instance, she doesn’t enable Mark to take part in sex scenes. That told WENN:

“If it has anything to carry out with me kissing somebody my wife’s no gonna like it therefore I’ll fight to gain it reduced out. Those space the much more important issues. I usually try to select my war wisely.”