Mark Harmon is the kind of guy who to know a great thing once he"s obtained it. That"s exactly why he"s tho playing one-of-a-kind agent Leroy Gibbs ~ above NCIS, after 18 years on the lover CBS procedural. And it likewise probably speak to why he"s been married come the same wonderful woman, fellow actor Pam Dawber, for an ext than 34 years!

In respect of Mark and Pam"s epic romance, let"s take a look ago at whereby it all started, at the height of your fame in the "80s.

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How did note Harmon accomplish his wife?

Pam and Mark met at a party thrown through a common friend. Pam had made a perform of attributes she was searching for in a man, including strength, intelligence, independence, sensitivity, sensuousness, warmth, and also a sense of humor, follow to Closer Weekly. No doubt, friend won"t it is in surprised to hear that mark checked turn off every box and then some!

When walk they gain married?

Mark and also Pam tied the knot in 1987 in one intimate wedding consciousness with simply a few friends and also family members.

At the time, Mark and also Pam were 2 of the sexty stars ~ above network television. Pam had actually just wrapped the hit show Mork & Mindy, in which she starred the opposite Robin Williams. Note was new from functions in Moonlighting and St. Elsewhere, which had led to him being named People"s Sexiest guy Alive in 1986.


But in spite of their high profiles, the pair have constantly kept things super low an essential when it involves their relationship. "We"re not trying to store something secret, yet if friend don"t want it entirely exploited through the press, you have to," Pam claimed in one interview through People when the two were still engaged.

Decades later, mark echoed his wife"s sentiments in a 2017 interview through TV Insider.

"It"s not even a choice," mark said of continuing to be under the radar with his wife. "It"s who we are. We remain home. A lot. And I"m no a Twitter male or a facebook guy."

Well, they must have done miscellaneous right, since the pair just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on in march 21! Asked around the mystery to a happy, long-lasting marriage, mark told People in 2019,“We to be both in our thirties as soon as we obtained married, so hope the stupid stuff we did earlier. That’s more than likely the the next I have to what the crucial is.”

Do Mark and also Pam have actually kids?

Yes! Mark and also Pam have two sons, Sean thomas Harmon, 32 (He"s play a young Gibbs in numerous NCIS episodes!), and Ty Christian Harmon, 28.

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In an interview v ET in 2016, Pam opened up up about her decision to leaving Hollywood to stay home and raise the couple"s sons.


"I don"t think two human being can job-related all the time in show business and also stay married," she said. "I was in a number one show. I had my very own deal. I obtained to execute Broadway. I acquired to do musical theater. I got to do cartoon voices. I did everything you have the right to do in this business, and then I had actually children and also it"s like, "I"m no going to follow this fame thing.""

"I wanted to drive my kids to school. I wanted to be there for your birthdays and also bring cupcakes and donuts and do the institution festivals and all that, and I did," she added. "I obtained to teach in their art class and also so it was a different life then and also I was very happy to carry out it."

It sounds favor Pam has led such a fulfilling life together a mom. However now the her youngsters are all grown up, she"s return to her exhilaration roots through a four-episode arc on NCIS alongside her husband"s character, Gibbs. She’ll play Marcie Warren, “a jar investigative reporter who supplies her savvy wit and down-to-earth people an abilities to aid in she tireless search of truth.” she appearance will note the an initial time Pam and Mark have been top top NCIS together, in spite of his 18-year tenure on the show. Have the right to you think it?

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