Best well-known for his appearance together an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank, note Cuban is just one of America’s wealthiest and also most controversial entrepreneurs. If you desire to readjust your family"s jae won trajectory like he did, save reading and also pay close fist to the most important move that made.

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Mark Cuban: network Worth approximated at $4.5B (Forbes)


Where the Started

Born in July 1958 come Russian and Romanian immigrants, Cuban, in addition to his 2 younger brother Brian and also Jeff, thrived up in a Jewish middle-class family members in mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania. His mother, Shirley, to be a homemaker. His father, Norton, functioned in an vehicle upholstery store.

“Those shoes on her feet look choose they"re functioning pretty well. If you desire a brand-new pair of sneakers, you need a job and also you deserve to go purchase them.”

Norton Cuban, in solution to Mark"s inquiry for an expensive pair that shoes

In a 2014 interview with Bloomberg’s “Masters in Business” podcast, Cuban told his beginning story. Once he to be 12 year old, that asked his father because that money therefore he might purchase an high-quality pair that shoes. He never ever forgot his father’s response.

That moment motivated Mark to begin his very first entrepreneurial endeavor.

Determined to obtain the shoes he wanted, he started to market packs of garbage bags to families in his neighborhood. The bought each load for $3 and also sold them for $6 apiece, for this reason doubling his money every time who bought indigenous him. A organic salesperson, Cuban started his pitches turn off by asking, “Hi, does your family use rubbish bags?" He"d follow the with, “Of course you use garbage bags. And I gambling you pay an ext than six cents apiece.”

A couple of years later Cuban, who was 16 in ~ the time, found an additional opportunity to make money once workers in ~ the local newspaper company were on strike. That knew that world generally chosen to keep abreast that what was going on in the world, therefore he ordered records from a firm in another city and also sold them in his area until the strike was over.

Cuban decided to skip his senior year in high school and also instead enrolled in the university of Pittsburgh. After a year there, he moved to Indiana university where he studied business. His business man journey ongoing throughout his college years. In order come pay because that his tuition, Cuban started to offer dance class on campus because that $25 an hour. He and also his friend then began to rent an are from a bar close to the university to put on disco parties. Castle ultimately finished up to buy the bar indigenous the owner. Cuban i graduated in 1981 with a degree in service Administration.

Building a company Worth Millions

Armed through a level from one of the country’s peak undergraduate service schools, Cuban went back to his hometown in Pittsburgh. There, he introduced his job in the real civilization with a banking job. Burdened with college debt and unsatisfied v life in his little community, he and his friends moved to Dallas, Texas to search for a an ext fulfilling life.

In a 2004 blog post describing his early days in the Lone Star State Cuban wrote:

I remember being 24 years old, living in Dallas in a 3-bedroom apartment through 5 other friends. Ns didn’t have my very own bedroom. So, i slept top top the couch or floor depending upon what time I gained home. I had actually no closet. Rather I had a pile the everyone knew to be mine. My auto had the usual hole in the floorboard, a ’77 FIAT X19 that melted a quart the oil that i couldn’t afford every week.

Cuban ultimately got a job as a computer software salesman. However, he to be fired within the first year of acquisition the job. Joblessness nudged that to once again start a business. This time it was a software company called MicroSolutions that fiercely competed with his previous employer. After structure an impressive client list, Cuban marketed the service in 1990 because that $6 million and also decided to walk into early retirement.

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It"s practically as if Mark followed the Owner"s Model, the blueprint we teach inside the Incubator.