Mark Cuban is a famed billionaire that performs a lot of different roles - that produces movies, own the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and also invests in ideas showcased on"Shark Tank". A lot of civilization wonder whether this businessman is equally successful in his an individual life, and also the prize is yes. His wife's surname is Tiffany Stewart, and she is one incredibly exciting personality.

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The billionaire's wife had a humble upbringing in a regular middle-class family. Cultivation up, she frequently had misunderstandings through her sister. Their mother solved conflicts by making lock both jog approximately the residence three times in a row, which make them laugh and also forget all their quarrels.

She met she husband because that the an initial time in 1997 in Dallas, Texas. Lock accidentally bumped right into each various other at a gym and also quickly hit it off. Before getting married in 2002, they were together for five years. Mark Cuban Tiffany Stewart wedding took place in Barbados, and they threw a beautiful coast ceremony for their closest friends and family members.


Despite gift so rich, Mark's wife still leader a rather exclusive life. She is a quiet person and prefers staying out that the spotlight, i m sorry is why she does no often show up at different social occasions with her husband. She periodically accompanies her man to basketball games, however normally does not partake in celebrity society and is down-to-earth.


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If you are wondering "does mark Cuban have children with his wife?", the answer is yes. Tiffany Stewart note Cuban union has been blessed with three wonderful youngsters who lock love and also cherish.

Their very first daughter, Alexis, to be born just a year after your wedding - she came to this civilization in 2003. 3 years later, in 2006, she younger sister Alyssa followed. In 2010, the long-time sweethearts became parents because that the 3rd time, together their only son Jake to be born.

Even despite Alexis, Alyssa and also Jake's parental are very rich, they try their ideal not to spoil their kids. The married couple only offers nanny's solutions on special occasions, and no butlers or chefs are employed at their house. They make dinner because that the kids on their own and put them come bed.

Mark Cuban Tiffany Stewart pair also has actually a curfew for their kids concerning their phones, which way that there is a particular time when they have to turn castle off. If they do not obey, there is a system that blocks their web access.


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Mark Cuban family members often spends time together and goes to different places, such together Disneyland. The Cuban youngsters are likewise taught come be generous by providing away their old toys and also clothes.

They reside in a mansion i beg your pardon is situated in reputation Hollow, Dallas, Texas. That is 24,000 square feet, which equates to 2,200 square meters.

Tiffany Stewart age

The mam of the famous rich man was born on January 1, 1970, which renders her 50 year old. She is 11 year younger than her husband, but the age distinction does not affect their close bond.

Tiffany Stewart net worth

According come Forbes, note Cuban's network worth is $4.1 billion. His wife's network worth is not known, yet it is recognized that she works as a saleswoman.

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Tiffany Stewart may be a renowned businessman's wife, yet she is additionally recognized because that being kind.