Model Manuela Arbeláez Correa is finest known because that starring on CBS game display The Price is Right. We discovered out her salary…

She is among several models on the show, together Rachel Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, James O’Halloran and also Devin Goda, and also newbie Alexis Gaube.

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Displaying the prized items that have the right to be won by contestants, models choose Manuela are thought about a crucial part the the daily weekday show.

We acquired to understand who Manuela is as soon as she’s no busy filming, and also how lot she it s okay paid from CBS. Let’s snoop within her Instagram.


Photo through Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Who is Manuela Arbelaez?

Manuela Arbelaez Correa is a Columbian-American model and also actress.

Now consistently displaying prizes ~ above The Price is Right, she to be born ~ above September 9, 1988, and also has been on the show because April 2009.

She had actually moved come the USA simply three year before, hoping to make it in the industry, and very first relocated to West new York, brand-new Jersey.

Manuela then ended up being one of the finalists during the 2008’s Nuestra Belleza Latina, a beauty challenge airing top top the us Spanish channel Univision.

It wasn’t long before she routinely began appearing on The Price is Right. When she newly went on holiday and also was absent, fans to be concerned.

Manuela is back on the price is best today. Thank you come everyone that showed concern earlier this week

— Ben (

Manuela’s career and also family

While auditioning for modelling and TV jobs, Manuela came throughout a model Search challenge for The Price is Right during the 37th season.

Among hundreds of women, she to be one of 5 lucky finalists to show up on-camera as a model for one episode of the video game show.

Then, the winner was liked by an net fan vote and the chance to ice five extr episodes, through Manuela representing brand-new York City.

Although she was no the winner of the contest, Manuela left a lasting impression ~ above the show’s producers and was rental a few months later.

That’s once she ended up being a continuous model because that the display as she changed ex-model Brandi Sherwood-Cochran, who was apparently dumped.

Manuela likewise appeared ~ above CBS soap opera The Bold and also The Beautiful (which tapes following door to Price) and also motion picture Jack and also Jill.

Now, she is married to Matthew Doherty, who she has a daughter with called Tilly – their first child together.

The Price is Right: Star’s salary

Manuela is believed to obtain paid $800 every day, favor the various other models.

Her net worth is thought to be around $1 million!

Each model have the right to earn a whopping salary that $100,000 every season, while different CBS stars get varying hourly prices for your jobs.

The longest-running design on The Price is Right, Rachel Reynolds, it s okay a hefty $600K salary every year, and also has a $4 million net worth.

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Host drew Carey, on the various other hand, is assumed to it is in paid around $1 million per episode. He has a $165 million net worth!




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