Former basketball star Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie Johnson tied the knot earlier in 1991, one year before the longtime Los Angeles Lakers player retirement from the NBA. Unlike other former professional athletes" youngsters who have adhered to in your footsteps top top the court or field, Magic Johnson"s children have all forged their own paths. His two youngsters with Cookie, EJ Johnson and also Elisa Johnson, are currently in their 20s and are do names for themselves in two very different careers, and Magic"s earliest child, 40-year-old Andre Johnson, from his connection with Melissa Mitchell, is currently a dad that his own. To see what Magic Johnson"s three youngsters are increase to and to learn an ext about the tight-knit Johnson family, check out on.

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Magic"s oldest son, Andre, to be born in 1981, 2 years ~ his father first joined the NBA. Andre has tendency to stay out of the spotlight, yet on Instagram, he typically posts about his wife, Lisa Meyers Johnson, and also kids, 12-year-old daughter Gigi Johnson and also 9-year-old kid Avery Johnson. In June, Andre post a picture of his family—step mommy Cookie included—at Gigi"s sixth-grade graduation.

Andre likewise shows a the majority of love because that his dad on society media, together well. In respect of Father"s Day last year, he posted a picture of Magic, Cookie, Gigi, and also Andre, in addition to a heartfelt tribute. "Thank friend for teaching us just how to be world of action, no words, and to constantly be a blessing come those about you," Andre composed in the caption. "I love you and also enjoy your day to rest."

Andre doesn"t article much about his skilled life online, however according come what appears to it is in his LinkedIn page, he to be the vice president of his dad"s invest company, Magic Johnson Enterprises, native 2012 come 2014. Because Dec. 2018, he"s to be the vice chairman of business development at a computer system gaming agency called Mythical Games. He additionally hosts his very own podcast, Please Elaborate, wherein he talks about current events, sports, gaming and an ext with his girlfriend Mike Dupree.

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The youngest of the group, Elisa, was adopted by the johnsons in 1995 once she was just three job old.

She to be a component of her brother"s EJNYC display in 2016, yet Elisa, that is now 26, has actually said the she didn"t specifically enjoy being on reality TV. "I feel prefer I wasn"t reduced out because that it," she called SSENSE newspaper in April 2017. "I think you have to have a certain kind of trust level. You have to be ready for people to say particular things around you, and also it simply wasn"t for me."

Elisa ultimately made decision not to seek a job in the to chat industry. And now, she is the owner that her very own self-titled sunglasses company, Elisa Johnson. Top top its website, the agency says the the eyewear to be designed by the youngest Johnson and every pair "reflects Elisa"s style."

This past May, Magic shared photos that his household celebrating the beginning of Elisa"s brand. "We are so proud that her and I love that she"s law what she always wanted come do, work in the fashion industry," Magic composed in an Instagram post.

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Magic posts around his wife and kids frequently on social media. Top top Mother"s work this year, he shared a photo on Instagram that his whole family celebrating, including his 3 kids and grandkids. Also joining them to be Cookie"s mom, sister, and their nephew.

Separately, Magic posted a picture of Cookie, in honor of the occasion. "You are the finest thing the has ever happened to me and also our family. You space our structure and the backbone," he wrote in the caption. "We evaluate the love and also kindness you shower head us through daily."