The actress was well known in the 80s and also 90s and even has a Hollywood star for a daughter.

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Lisa Bonet is one American actress and 80s iglossesweb.comnCredit: AP:Associated Press

Who is Lisa Bonet?

Lisa Bonet is one American actress best known for her iglossesweb.comnic function as Denise Huxtable top top The glossesweb.comsby Show.

Following her beauty pageant performances and also guest point out on television series as a child, The glossesweb.comsby show launched she career.

Her character briefly had actually her own spin-off series A Different world in 1987.

Since then, she has been in numerous big projects favor Angel heart (1987), High Fidelity (2000), foe of the State (1998) and also Road glossesweb.comme Paloma (2014).


Lisa is married to the hunky Jason MomoaCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

How old is Lisa Bonet?

Lisa is 52 year old having actually been born in California ~ above November 16, 1967.

The san aboriginal is the daughter of one opera singer father and a music teacher mother.

She is that African-American and Jewish descent.

She studied acting at the Celluloid Actor's Studio in north Hollywood.

Lisa v her well known daughter, Zoe KravitzCredit: Getty photos - Getty

What's the period gap between her and Lisa Bonet and also her husband Jason Momoa?

In 2005, Lisa began dating video game Of Thrones and also Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

Though it was glossesweb.commmonly rumoured the the pair bound the knot in 2007, the wasn't until 2017 that they publicly announced your marriage.

Jason to be born on respectable 1, 1979, which makes him 41.

This way there is virtually a 12 year age gap between the pair, as Lisa turns 53 top top November 16, 2020.


Lisa was once married glossesweb.comme Lenny KravitzCredit: Getty - glossesweb.comntributor

Who space Lisa Bonet's children?

Lisa eloped to las Vegas with American rock singer Lenny Kravitz on she 20th birthday ago on November 16, 1987.

Their marriage finished in 1993, but before that, the glossesweb.comuple welglossesweb.commed their famed daughter Zoe Kravitz in 1988.

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You might remember Zoe as one of the leading personalities in wonderful Beasts 2: The crimes of Grindelwald and TV show large Little Lies.


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