Once some world enter the entertain industry, they simply don’t quit. Such is the instance with Lindsay Wagner. At age 70, she has actually dozens ~ above dozens that roles and also recognitions to her name. These include receiving the Humanitarian Award at the san Diego worldwide Film Festival, Night that the Stars. But even so, she is showing no signs of slow down.

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This is perhaps particularly fitting, considering Wagner’s famous roles. She is best known as the starring role of Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman. It turns out Wagner is just as durable as she on-screen character since though she has actually an above TV presence, she is not only an actress. Indeed, she is a commemorated model, author, singer, acting coach, and also adjunct professor. And the success keep pouring in.

An action-packed career started decades ago with double as many achievements


Wagner turn 72 on June 22, 2021, and has remained busy together ever. She to visit the 60th anniversary of the Monaco television Festival Party, join by none other than Lindsay Gray, Joan Collins, and also Jane Seymour. When the pandemic hit, she social media became a bastion that relatable articles that make the efforts to find the humor in the restrictive, lonely times. As the period of remote events set in, she participated in a Q&A session for Galaxycon alongside Lee Majors for a very bionic team. Her latest Instagram write-up dates come July 16 and also features a screencap that season three episode eleven that The Bionic Woman, entitled “Over The Hill Spy.”

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Then, she and other celebrities joined together for a modern reboot the Hollywood Squares, this time called Hollywood Museum Squares. Support would then assist The Hollywood Museum. The powerful partnerships continued with the summertime Celebration v the Stars event. Ticket went easily for this Ohio Valley-based event. Ministers and performers Brian and Shawn Chrisagis i ordered it the occasion to combine entertainment and stardom v faith. To carry out this, they’ve recruited faithfully devoted TV icons such together Wagner, Lori Anderson, and also Erik Estrada. The event was a vast success in ~ the end of July, begin of August.

#TBT 1977 illustration of The Bionic Woman: end The Hill Spy. Pic.twitter.com/plMeNiMtA8

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