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When Matlock"s nephew, Irwin, is charged v murder, his investigation leads come a high-tech computer firm.

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Mike Minor asked Linda Kaye Henning top top a date his very first day on Petticoat Junction

Their immediate chemistry created a genuine, healthy romance that producers spun right into hit TV.


"You"re one of the healthiest guys I"ve ever before met," a nice lieutenant speak Fonzie. She"s in fee of offering the Happy Days guys their physicals, as potential army recruits.

"You ain"t whistling Dixie," Fonzie flirts. Climate comes the come-on: "Listen, you and also me, with each other soon, and also that is an order."

Playing the sublievenant in this scene was pretty red-headed Petticoat Junction star Linda Kaye Henning, and also in this scene, her chemistry with the Fonz is played for a joke, and also the "whistling Dixie" line is a clean nod to her location in sitcom history.

Petticoat Junction pan know, however, that as soon as Henning got actors on her father Paul Henning"s fight show, she soon found real chemistry through the actor that would later come to be her husband — both onscreen and offscreen — Mike Minor.

In 1968, Henning called the Sunday News that Minor asked her out basically the moment he laid eyes on her.

“He inquiry me out the first day," Henning said, however she thought his interest had much more to execute with Minor"s desire to make a an excellent impression on her producer father, Paul Henning, than truly wanting to get to understand her.

"I figured it to be just an additional "producer"s daughter" bit," Henning said, explaining the factor she accepted was simply to find out what it was he really wanted.

Henning through the Fonz top top "Happy Days"

"I always accept those invitations though, because I like to clock them operate," Henning said.

After that date, though, anyone on collection could see plain as job the pair was smitten.

The couple hid your true feelings from every other, enabling their love come blossom slowly behind the scenes, while producer of the show quickly determined to switch Minor to it is in Henning"s on-screen love interest and also translate this right into TV magic.

When Henning was very first cast on Petticoat Junction, her first experience certification on a show was a whirlwind.

She didn"t expect to obtain the role, and neither did her dad, who insisted she audition like anyone else.

Her pep-filled charisma secured her the part, though, and also after that, fame came at her so fast that Henning called Courier News in 1988, she didn"t protect against to take stock that how easily her life to be changing.

"I was an extremely young when I acquired the part," Henning said. "It take it a while because that me to establish what it meant."

In 1968, before she married Minor, she hadn"t also left the household home. Back the means she speak it to Sunday News, that had much more to perform with exactly how awesome Paul Henning"s real mansion was.

"Not only did ns love my family members too much to relocate away, but how could I ever before afford a pad like theirs?" Henning joked. "Besides, I have actually my very own entrance, and I come and go together I please. If i socialize v mom and dad — and also I do… it"s since I honestly reap them."

When the did come time for her to lastly leave the nest, Henning and Minor chose they didn"t require a big old house to it is in happy, settling rather for a usually home.

"We don"t need lot yet," Henning said.

However, they did need the couple"s first home come be large enough to home all the animals that Henning adopted to store her firm when she was living rent-free at she family"s house. According to Sunday News, the bride relocated in with a dog and also 13 cats.

Kinda reminds girlfriend of a particular animal-loving character on Paul Henning"s various other hit display The Beverly Hillbillies, doesn"t she?

It turned out she didn"t need to worry about Minor having the dorn intentions as soon as he asked her on that an initial date since as the Sunday News notes, boy himself came from a family members of TV producers behind hit reflects My three Sons and Family Affair.

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They were a complement made in TV heaven, yet they divorced in 1973, 4 years before Henning met the Fonz, where audiences delighted to view she was just as convincing "whistling Dixie" at an additional sitcom stud.