What has actually Lil Wayne been approximately in 2020? The real concern is, what hasn’t the rapper been up to? following the relax of his 13th studio album, "Funeral," in January, the hip-hop artist had a memorable however extremely short stint ~ above Season 3 that The masked Singer.

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But the 37-year-old, whose genuine name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., isn’t the only one in his family members making pop culture waves. The Grammy winner’s only daughter, Reginae Carter, has obtained a vast following top top both Instagram and TikTok for a collection of hilarious skits she’s been posting throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Scroll down for an upgrade on all four of Lil Wayne’s kids.


The aspiring actress to be born in 1998 once her dad was simply 16 years old. She mother, Toya Wright, was Lil Wayne's high institution sweetheart.

The 21-year-old has already appeared ~ above multiple truth shows, including My super Sweet 16, Growing increase Hip Hop: Atlanta, and T.I. & Tiny: friends & family members Hustle. While in quarantine throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, Reginae rotate to social media for a an imaginative outlet.

"I felt favor TikTok to be a fun means to critique my craft and also make anyone laugh, game people," she recently explained to Essence, including that the viral parody of her dad's 2012 deposition tape native his lawsuit through Quincy Jones III was actually a fan request.

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"A lot of people were asking for that video, therefore I simply went ahead and also did it due to the fact that I’m favor my daddy," she said. "It was basic to tap into him and also it was fun, too."

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Dwayne Carter III


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Dwayne with mommy Sarah and half-sister Essence

Radio hold Sarah Vivan gave birth come Lil Wayne's oldest son in October 2008 after meeting the songwriter at a concert after party in Cincinnati. "I was young, ns was favor 19," the Atlanta media personality common in a 2014 interview through Global Grind TV. "I was just in love... But I preferred being behind the scenes, 'cause it to be so brand-new to me. Every one of it." 

As for her bond through Dwayne (aka Tuney) and older daughter significance (who to be born a few years prior to her brother), buy it said, "My children are prefer my homies... They're, like, my best friends. We kind of are cultivation together and I just shot to guide them as lot as i can."


The 10-year-old, that was born in September 2009, made headlines a year earlier when he spoke at Nipsey Hussle's memorial business a tiny over a week after the rapper to be shot to death in L.A. Kameron's mother, Lauren London, had been in a relationship with Nipsey, born Ermias Asghedom, since 2013.

During the solemn event of Life event, which was organized at the Staples Center, Kameron recalled a dream he had actually two work after Nipsey's murder. "I was in paradise and also I was play in the ocean water once Ermias popped up appropriate behind me," the told the crowd. 

"I rotate around and I yelled his name and I provided him a hug," the elementary schooler continued. "I told mine mom around the dream and also after ns told her, ns was thinking around it and I realized that Ermias said me what heaven was like. The told me it was paradise."


Lil Wayne's three boys are nearly triplets. Neal to be born in November 2009 to singer Nivea, that actually emerged a close bond with baby mama No. 3, Lauren, if they were both expecting the record executive's sons. 

"She and also I became really close, ironically, after ~ and also I determined to ," she said. "I understand that sound weird, however we were two people going with something that was along the lines of humiliating. It felt like, who else can you share this oddly unique situation with?"

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