Tommicus walker is acquiring divorced native LeToya LuckettCredit: Getty Images

Who is Tommicus Walker?

Tommicus pedestrian is a 40-year-old businessman based in Dallas.

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He is ideal known for having a high profile partnership with LeToya Luckett.

He showed up alongside LeToya in TI & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, a collection that revealed several of their relationship issues and saw them have couples therapy.

Alongside his kids with LeToya, he has a daughter referred to as Madison, 9, from a vault relationship.

How long have Tommicus Walker and also LeToya Luckett been together?

Tommicus and LeToya married in 2017.

She kept the identity of she fiancé secret at first, telling Essence: "I feel it’s very important to develop your foundation very first before share your connection with the world."

They are both very spiritual and were said to have bonded over their common faith.


Tommicus Walker and LeToya Luckett are acquiring divorcedCredit: Getty images - Getty

Why are they getting a divorce?

Tommicus post a statement on Instagram that reads: "LeToya and also I have made decision to divorce.

"This to be a very complicated decision.

"We continue to be committed come our family members as co-parents and we ask the you you re welcome respect our privacy and the safety and security of our youngsters at this time.

"We happily continue to be committed together caring girlfriend with good love and respect for one another.

"We ask in breakthrough for your kindness and also sensitivity in the coming months."

In the fall of 2020 a video was leaked that a man, alledged to be Tommicus, in a hotel with one more woman.

A tattoo deserve to be viewed in the video clip that matches one Tommicus has.

It's believed that cheating claims are main the reason for your divorce, despite the pair haven't comment on this.

At the time, Tommicus denied the claims.


Cheating allegations might have added to your splitCredit: Getty images - Getty

Do castle have children together?

Together they have actually two children.

Their divorce announcement has actually come just 4 months after the bear of the second child.

They have actually a 2-year-old child, Gianna and a infant song called Tysun.

Tysun was born in September 2020 and also to announcement the birth LeToya wrote on Instagram: "TYSUN wolf WALKER Overjoyed! say thanks to you Heavenly Father."




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What is Tommicus Walker's net worth?

Tommicus' net worth is approximated to be at $1.5million.

LeToya's is thought to be much higher at roughly $5million.

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LeToya is best known as being a member the Destiny's Child.


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