Lee and also Tiffany Lakosky space the charismatic master of the out Channel’s fight shows, Gettin’ Close and also Crush with Lee and also Tiffany.

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The pair rose to fame many thanks to your engaging personalities, intriguing searching content, and also their capacity to hunt some of the biggest animals in the US.

Their most recent providing to mainstream media is edgy, fun, and exciting, and—although killing animals isn’t everyone’s idea the entertainment—the couple has constructed a huge following.

“We can’t go to sports occasions without being recognized. We need security guards,” describes Tiffany.

Here’s what us know about the pair who room killin’ it in ~ killin’ stuff.

The origin Story

Lee Lakosky and also Tiffany Profant to be born and raised in the twin Cities.

The Columbia Heights, Minnesota locals could both see downtown Minneapolis-St. Paul from your front doorsteps.

Tiffany come from a smaller family and also grew up with one brother, while Lee had five sisters.

One the those sister was friends through Tiffany, and also so the pair were always aware of each other.

Lee, however, to be 9 year older than Tiffany, and also it wasn’t until their time at university overlapped the the pair walk on their first date.

While Lee prospered up hunting with his family, Tiffany wasn’t bitten by the hunting bug until ~ she began dating him.

She thrived up fishing and was constantly an avid fan of the the end in northern Minnesota.

First come Love, climate Comes Marriage…


Getty ImagesLife in Iowa gradually thrived to incorporate Lee filming Tiffany top top hunts because that fun.

He’d created for out magazines in college and also had some relations to outdoor product brands, and also that—combined with the reality his brand-new wife was easy on the eyes—made for some engaging viewing.

So much so that a few weeks ~ they’d started filming, Scent-Lok apparel got in touch.

The brand asked if they’d it is in interested in being on TV.

The display would ultimately air together Gettin’ Close with Lee and Tiffany, and it would become the #1 rated show for the outdoor Channel.

Lee put the show’s successes down to three factors:

He wants every display to be perfect—“good enough” is not good enough because that his viewers.Passion—says Lee, “I’m just nuts around it. We obtain (deer) footage no one else gets.”His wife—“People have just taken to her. Us really struggle on a tone the no one else has actually hit on.”

Not long after, Tiffany quit her job as a flight attendant to work with she hubby, Lee, full-time.

Their lifestyle permits them to hunt because that 6 month of the year and manage your farm and production company from their farm.

They likewise attend sporting activities shows and also get paid to endorse searching products.

Lee explains that he and also his wife aren’t trying to pretend they room pro hunters. “We’re just a pair of rednecks indigenous Iowa, having actually a good time.”

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky – net Worth

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky have actually an approximated net worth of $1 million.

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Want to check out Tiffany and also Lee Lakosky in action? You have the right to watch castle on The like here.