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Sofia Bella Pagan was i was baptized at the period of 11.Source: Instagram

Is a pampered daughter

Leah and also husband Angelo room both dedicated family members. They even created a family show called Leah Remini: It’s every Relative featuring their daughter and also Leah’s mother. It released two seasons.Furthermore, us can likewise see the unconditional love they common with their beloved daughter via their respective social media accounts. Doting dad Angelo uploaded a series of picture of Sofia ~ above the occasion of her 16th date of birth on 16th June.

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Mother Leah departed indigenous Scientology due to the fact that of her daughter

Her parents are former energetic members that the Church that Scientology, especially her mother Leah’s attachment to Scientology was really great. But, the actress damaged from the Church ~ a series of questionings around its monitoring in July 2013.In 2015, Remini opened up up on she family series It’s all Relative that among her main reasons because that her departure from Scientology is additionally her daughter. She told,I made decision I didn’t desire to raise my daughter in the church because from what i have experience and what i saw, the church becomes your everything. The becomes her mother, her father, her everything. You room dependent on the church.On 3rd November 2015, Remini likewise released a publication called Troublemaker: enduring Hollywood and Scientology. The is all around her life in ~ Church.

Sofia’s sweet breakfast inquiry to her mom Leah

Back in might 2018, the young girl made headlines ~ her mommy shared your breakfast conversation ~ above Instagram with the caption, Verified my kid, text massage me her very particular food order, the fruit… well – the was “an array”. You re welcome tell me I’m no alone, does your boy text you from the following room? Lol #gotkids #parenting #shortordercookupinhere #foryouiwill
Sofia Bella Pagan’s breakfast inquiry to her mom Leah.Source: Instagram
leahreminiSofia massaged her mommy on Instagram just from the next room. The mother and also daughter share a deep bond through each other.

Sofia’s day of birth and also childhood

Sofia Bella Pagan to be born top top June 6, 2004, in the United states of America. She is the just child the a power couple Leah and also Angelo. Her surname “Sofia” to represent a Wisdom in Greek literature.Pagan hold an American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Her Parents’ Marriage

Leah and Pagan married ~ above 19th July 2003. The wedding ceremony held at the four Seasons Hotel in las Vegas to be officiated by a minister indigenous Remini’s former Scientology center.
Sofia’s parents Leah Remini and also Angelo Pagan.Source: Instagram
therealangelopaganThe pair first met in ~ El Floridita, a Cuban restaurant and nightclub in 1996. They automatically hit that off. After about five years of a love affair, the 2 got engaged in late 2002. Angelo suggest his then-girlfriend-turned-fiancee Leah in a candle-lit Los Angeles restaurant.The two are still blissfully married.

Sofia has three step-siblings

Sofia Bella Pagan has actually three larger step-brothers from her father’s previous relationships. They room Alex PaganAngelo Pagan Jr., and Nicholas Pagan. She has actually an intimate link with all of her huge bros.
Sofia’s dad with her three-half-brothers.Source: Instagram
therealangelopaganHer dad Angelo regularly shares photos v his get an impression boys.

Networth of she parents

Leah and also Angelo have actually a combined net worth of $25 million. The pair mostly makes money v their corresponding career in the show-business.Her mummy Leah gained an international fame adhering to her duty on the acclaimed CBS sitcom The King of Queens. She additionally won Primetime Emmy Award for her work on the A&E documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Currently stays in she parents’ Studio City home

Sofia currently resides in Studio City, Los Angeles’ house with she mother and father. Leah obtained the property back in 2003 because that $3.75 million. The 9,326 square room features five bedrooms, ripe bathrooms, and also a gym too.

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Sofia’s is not much energetic on society media

The young lady has actually an Instagram account v 596 followers together of 2020. She has yet to write-up a solitary photo to her account.


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