points took a rotate in 2013 once Leah Remini officially left Scientology and it turns out it was all for the services of she daughter!

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Leah Remini has been a pan favorite ever due to the fact that her debut back in 1998 top top the fight sitcom, "King of Queens", together none various other than Kevin James. Throughout she career, Leah has actually made her partnership to the organization of Scientology very clear, however, points took an instant turn when Leah Remini and also her entire family left the team in 2013. The actress, who has remained in the market for over 25 years, has spoken out about her exit and the reason why she left.

while leaving other you"ve well-known for so lengthy is by no means an easy feat, Leah Remini asserted that her exit from the organization, when it to be difficult, was for her daughter, Sofia Bella. The actress take it on a brand new approach when it involved parenting, considering the company she formerly was a part of, played a large role top top Leah and motherhood.

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Leah Remini & family members Being First

Leah Remini Family
when it concerns family, nothing is much more important for Leah Remini. In spite of being born Catholic, Leah and also her family members would soon uncover themselves members the the huge organization, Scientology, in i m sorry Remini has declared to be a "cult". Although she and her family members have been component of the group because childhood, things took a revolve in 2013 as soon as Leah Remini officially left Scientology and also it transforms out it was all for the services of she daughter!

if the star declared there to be a "dozen affecting factors", that led to her and also her family"s departure, it all came down to her then 9-year-old daughter, Sofia Pagan Bella. According to People, Leah revealed the she to be no longer happy v the excruciating hrs she and her household were compelled to work while part of Scientology, and it merely didn"t sit right. “In my house, it’s household first, but I to be spending most of my time in ~ the church. So, i was speak ‘family first,’ however I wasn’t reflecting that. I didn’t like the message that sent my daughter", Leah said.

Leah Remini Daughter Sofia
Leah revealed the she grew up resenting she own mommy for safety so much time through Scientology, and also it was Leah"s rotate to break the bicycle and provide her daughter v a life where mom and dad to be present! The star also credits finest friend, Jennifer Lopez for standing by her and also her family during their departure. Family has now become Leah"s number one priority, and also it definitely showed throughout her truth show, "Leah Remini: It"s all Relative" in 2014.

The whole family is now able come live life follow to their very own rules, which method more time through daughter Sofia. The currently 16-year-old and also Leah are closer 보다 ever. Leah was likewise able to carry out a classic baptism for your daughter ago in 2015, permitting them all to gracefully flourish away native their past associations.


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