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Lamar Jackson’s mother, Felicia Jones, knew her son had actually what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. Lamar opted to choose a various path during the NFL draft procedure by having his mother represent him instead of a timeless agent. There to be some uncertainty over whether it would work, but Lamar became selected in the an initial round by the Ravens through No. 32 pick.

When Louisville tried to use Lamar together something various other than a quarterback, head coach Bobby Petrino received a contact from his mother. Sporting activities Illustrated’s Jonathan Jones detailed the exchange.

Seemingly minutes after practice had actually ended, members of the coaching staff gained a call from Jackson’s mother, Felicia Jones. Head coach Bobby Petrino had lured Jackson come the Bluegrass State v the assurance that the freshman would certainly be a quarterback and also only a quarterback. Punt returner doesn’t look like quarterback, Jones said. She reminded them every one of the promise Petrino had actually made to her and also her boy while sitting on a couch in their south Florida home. Jackson never went earlier for a punting return in exercise again.

According to the Courier-Journal, Lamar’s father passed away when he to be eight, leaving Felicia to raise Lamar and his brother, Jamar. It to be on the same day together Lamar’s grandmother also passed away per sports Illustrated.

Learn much more about Lamar’s mother and also family.

1. Lamar Did not Hire an certified dealer & His mommy Served together His Manager during the NFL draft Process

Lamar Jackson told me the his mommy is no his agent, “she is my manager” and also he added “I represent myself.” Jackson called me he does no think an agent is necessary with the existing rookie range for early stage #NFL contracts.

— ig: josinaanderson (

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JosinaAnderson) in march 2, 2018

There was part confusion throughout the pre-draft process on Lamar hiring an agent. It had been reported the his mom would be acting as his agent, yet Lamar cleared things up in an interview v ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

“Lamar Jackson said me the his mother is no his agent, ‘she is mine manager’ and he added ‘I represent myself.’ Jackson said me that does no think an certified dealer is important with the present rookie range for early stage #NFL contracts,” Josina tweeted.

Lamar opted no to sign an agent, as he walk not want them to take a cut of his very first contract. That told Denver 9News’ Mike Klis that did no hire one agent, because he walk not want them to “take a reduced of my paycheck and I feel ns deserve it.”