KURT Russell cemented his surname as among Hollywood's leading men earlier in the 80s. He's now returning to the big screen to play Santa in The Christmas Chronicles.

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We take a look in ~ his love, life and also career so much in the spotlight.

cut Russell is one American actorCredit: Rex Features

How old is cut Russell? What is his background?

Kurt is a 67-year-old American actor.

He was born on march 17, 1951, and began exhilaration on TV in ~ the period of 12 in the western glossesweb.comllection The travels of Jaimie McPheeters (1963–1964).

In the late sixties, the signed a ten-year glossesweb.comntract v The Walt Disney glossesweb.commpany where, follow to Robert Osborne, he ended up being the studio's height star of the 1970s.


that shot glossesweb.comme fame in the 80s, but his career started in the 60sCredit: Handout - Getty

What space Kurt's biggest films?

The actor has racked up glossesweb.comuntless hit movies, and they include (in stimulate of popularity):

The point (1982)Tombstone (1993)Overboard (1987)Guradians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)The hateful Eight (2015)Bug trouble in little China (1986)Escape from new York (1981)Tango & Cash (1989)Deepwater Horizon (2016)Death proof (2007)

He began dating Goldie Hawn in the 80sCredit: Getty - glossesweb.comntributor

What is Kurt's network worth?

Kurt definitely has a wealthy financial institution balance.

The actor has actually a happiness of £54million.

This is due to his job in the movies.


Kurt has two kids including 2 step children - watched her v Boston Russell, Goldie and Kate HudsonCredit: Getty - glossesweb.comntributor

When did kurt marry Goldie Hawn?

Kurt got together with his Overboard glossesweb.com-star Goldie Hawn in 1983.

The glossesweb.comuple have been with each other for 35 years however are not married.

Before Goldie, kurt was married to actress Season Hubley native 1979 to 1983.



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Does Kurt have children?

Kurt has two children.

Wyatt, 32, who is a former ice hockey player turned actor - his mum is Goldie.

Kurt likewise has an additional son referred to as Boston, 38, indigenous his first marriage to Season.

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His stepchildren are the famed actors Oliver, 42, and also Kate Hudson, 39, who are Goldie's children from her an initial marriage to invoice Hudson.

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