Kroy Biermann’s former NFL certified dealer is suing him because that allegedly neglecting to pay more than $22,000 in fees.

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Andrew Baker, the president/CEO the Exclusive sporting activities Group, filed paperwork with the Fulton County superior Court in Atlanta claiming that he aided negotiate Biermann’s NFL contracts, yet that his former client failed to salary on time, follow to legal docs obtained by the brand-new York Post’s web page Six.


Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak at Foxwoods resort Casino hosts Studio 25 in Mashantucket, Connecticut on September 1, 2017. Michael Simon/

According come the papers acquired by web page Six, Baker asserted that he would certainly send reminders to Biermann around payments but the athlete would either pay the full balance or only make a partial payment. The Don’t it is in Tardy star allegedly fan $22,120.70.

A court illustration was at first scheduled for beforehand June via Zoom, however Biermann and also his lawyer failed come show. Though Baker’s lawyer responded later that month through filing for arbitration, his representative also submitted a request for Biermann to merely pay his previous agent the large sum he allegedly owes.

Biermann, 35, was drafted right into the NFL in 2008 after play football top top the collegiate level at the college of Montana. Indigenous 2008 come 2015, he served as a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons.


Atlanta Falcons outside linebacker Kroy Biermann (71) currently up against the Jacksonville Jaguars throughout an NFL football video game in Jacksonville, Florida top top December 20, 2015. Jeff Haynes/AP/Shutterstock

The Montana aboriginal then joined the Buffalo bills in august 2016 as an external linebacker. Weeks later, then-head coach, Rex Ryan, had to cut down the team native 75 come 53 players prior to the continuous season began. Biermann was among the 22 guys who to be released native the last roster.

Almost a year after Biermann’s Buffalo receipt elimination, his wife, Kim Zolciak, revealed how an excellent it had actually been that he to be able to remain in Georgia through their family. The couple, who wed in 2011, share Kroy Jr., 9, Kash, 8, Kaia, 6, and also Kane, 6. They likewise coparent Zolciak’s eldest daughters from previous relationship Brielle, 23, and Ariana, 18. Biermann officially adopted the girl in 2013.

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“I love it. I love him being home,” the 42-year-old said Bravo’s The day-to-day Dish in April 2017. “He bring away the children to institution in the morning and also he’s a substantial help with all of my company that i’ve started, and also Kashmere and bathing suits and shoes. He’s to be a super huge help with that.”

The former Real Housewives the Atlanta star added, “I can not imagine not having him here the critical year. The kids listen to him better than they hear to me. The guy have the right to do anything, seriously. He have the right to sew, he deserve to cook, he can make a wig … ns don’t think it’ll it is in very complicated for that to discover his various other niche or what have actually you.”

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