Kristen Doute net worth: Kristen Doute is one American actress, model, waitress and also reality television star who has actually a net worth that $1 million. Kristen Doute is best-known for being a former actors member of the Bravo truth television series Vanderpump Rules. Kristen to be fired from the show in June 2020 over a racism incident entailing a fellow cast member.

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Vanderpump Rules complies with the lives of number of co-workers at a West Hollywood, California restaurants referred to as SUR and also PUMP, both of which room owned by Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump is most widely known as among the stars of genuine Housewives the Beverly Hills. She has actually starred on the show because season one in 2010. Kristen Doute worked at SUR for much longer than anyone else on the show. She is an aspiring actress who has been nominated for numerous awards including finest Actress in a Drama in ~ the ITV film Festival. Kristen dated co-worker and also fellow truth star Tom Sandoval for four years. ~ above the show, their connection is shown as relatively volatile. It has actually been revealed the Tom has actually cheated top top Kristen several times. In February 2014, Kristen admitted that she had actually cheated top top Tom as well, occasionally for as lengthy as numerous months at a time through the same man. Kristen Doute to be born in Dearborn Michigan however now officially calls Los Angeles home.

Real Estate: In might 2019 Kristen spent $1 million ~ above a house in West Hollywood, California.

Firing: In June 2020 Kristen, Stassi Schroeder, Max Boyens and also Brett Caprioni were fired by Bravo end resurfaced racism comments and also actions. Stassi and Kristen were fired after ~ it was revealed that they referred to as police to suspicion a black cast member, confidence Stowers, of committing a theft. The two had seen an short article in the day-to-day Mail that proved a black woman stealing and also they referred to as the police to insurance claim to it was Faith, as soon as it was plainly a various person.

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Kristen Doute

Net Worth:$1 Million

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