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Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey with her child Kramer Robertson, then 10, reduced down the network after to win the 2005 NCAA championship over Tennessee ~ above April 5, 2005 in Indianapolis.

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LSU women"s basketball has a brand-new coach, but she"s really familiar.

Legendary Baylor head coach and also Louisiana native Kim Mulkey will depart she longtime write-up in Waco, Texas and take end Tigers women"s basketball after ~ the leave of Nikki Fargas.

The school confirmed the hire Sunday afternoon v the words: "Welcome home."

Mulkey is no stranger come Louisiana despite more than two decades coaching throughout the border. Right here are 5 things to know about Mulkey as LSU prepares because that a brand-new coaching era.



Kim Mulkey to be born in California, but her game thrived up in Louisiana. The basketball legend was increased in Tickfaw and starred at surrounding Hammond High School, wherein she assisted lead the regimen to four consecutive state championships before graduating together valedictorian.

In 1980 Mulkey, now 58, started her college play career in ~ Louisiana Tech. Success come early and often, finishing turn off her four years through a record of 130-6. The Lady Techsters winner the AIAW championship in her student in the first year year, and the inaugural NCAA tournament a year later.

When Scott Woodward left a great job as athletic director at deep-welled Texas A&M to return to LSU — the Aggies don’t have deep pockets, t…

Mulkey later on coached in ~ Louisiana technology for 15 seasons, beginning as one assistant before coming to be associate head coach under Leon Barmore.

Tech walk 403-63 throughout that span, winning an additional national championship and reaching the final Four 7 times.



Makenzie Robertson (left) and her mommy Kim Mulkey was standing atop the ladder after cutting down a connect of the net after winning the big 12 Conference tournament in 2013.

Tony Gutierrez/AP

Mulkey"s head coaching career started at Baylor in 2000 and her winning ways never wavered. Under Mulkey the Bears have actually qualified for the NCAA competition in all however one season — excluding the 2020 tournament that was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic — and also have reached the upstream Eight or much better nine times.

Baylor has actually won the NCAA tournament three times throughout that span, the first coming in the 2004-05 season. The Bears" second title came along with a perfect 40-0 record in the 2011-12 season, and their many recent come in the 2018-19 season with a 37-1 record. 

Mulkey"s 632 wins as a head coach ranking 59th in NCAA women"s basketball history, but other marks better illustrate simply how leading that run truly was. With simply 104 accident in the span, she career winning portion of .859 is 2nd only to UConn"s Geno Auriemma amongst those front of her on the list.

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In 2020, Mulkey came to be the fastest-ever NCAA coach (men or women) to reach 600 wins. She struggle that mark in her 700th game, 16 quicker than Auriemma and four games faster than Adolph Rupp, that holds that record on the men"s side.

Kim Mulkey, the southern Louisiana native who rose from small-town high college star come the Naismith Basketball room of Fame, is collection to be LSU’s n…