In 1982, Phoebe Cates concerned fame together Jennifer Jason Leigh"s older and also much an ext sexually daring girlfriend in the raunchy teenager comedy "Fast times at Ridgemont High" in i beg your pardon a seductive swimming pool fantasy scene made she a family members name. Kevin Kline had landed his first big television break 6 years earlier on the CBS soap opera "Search for Tomorrow." when he obtained his big-screen break, he take it on decidedly more dramatic functions in movies like "Sophie"s Choice" and also "The huge Chill" (via IMDb) and also it to be at his audition because that the last movie wherein Kline and also Cates met. If he acquired the component and she didn"t, the possibility meeting was the begin of miscellaneous big, follow to nation Living.

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Kline to be 16 years older than Cates, but the age gap didn"t it seems ~ to make a difference. Back the pair didn"t begin dating immediately, Kline didn"t forget the young actress he met at an audition and was established to see her again — therefore he made it happen.

The year was 1984 and Kevin Kline, a Juilliard-trained actor that had appeared in "The Pirates the Penzance" ~ above Broadway, was showing up in Shakespeare"s "Henry V" at brand-new York"s public Theater. Brand-new York native Phoebe Cates remained in the very same theater functioning on another play. Kline wasn"t certain if that was ideal for she at the time, informing Entertainment Weekly, "When I first met Phoebe, ns remember thinking, "She"s as well happy come be through me. She"s as well enthusiastic about life.... What"ll we speak about?""

Well, Kline made decision to find out and hired her previous assistant, questioning her to set him increase on a date with Cates (via nation Living). Apparently, they had actually a many to speak about, due to the fact that five year later, the pair claimed "I do." Cates was 25 at the moment while Kline to be 41, and also he said the age distinction worked come their benefit when it come time to begin a family.

"I was 40-ish once I lastly stopped obsessing about acting and thought it would certainly be pretty to have actually a life and actually acquired married," that told The Guardian in 2014. "If I had married who my very own age, the opportunity of progeny would have been really slim. I didn"t consciously say: "Hey, we could make babies; desire to gain married?" It simply happened the way."

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Kevin Kline obtained his wish of beginning a family members when Phoebe Cates offered birth come their child Owen Joseph in 1991 and also then your daughter Greta Simone in 1994. The pair"s skilled lives readjusted from climate on. 

"We have agreed to alternative so that we"re never working at the same time," Kline told Playboy back in 1998 (via entertainment Weekly). " at any time it"s been she slot to work, Phoebe has chosen to remain with the children."

Indeed, Cates took to motherhood and also decided to placed her Hollywood career to emphasis on raising her children, that are currently both adults through their own careers. In 2014, Kline called The Guardian that selecting motherhood end making movies is one of the things he admires about his wife. "That was one of the countless things i loved around her," Kline said. "She loved acting while she to be doing it, yet she to be not pushed by it, together I had actually been."

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Hollywood couples are recognized for do headlines, but Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates seem to store themselves off the former page and also away from society media scandals through living your life in brand-new York away from the Tinseltown limelight. Currently that her children are grown, Cates has been exhilaration a bit much more and in 2015 lent her voice come the video game "Lego Dimensions" (via IMDb).

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Kline likewise still works, appearing in both movies and also television. Native 2011–2020, he likewise did voice work, yet on the collection "Bob"s Burgers" together Mr. Fischoeder. He also has three movies in post-production together of this writing, including "The Starling," "The good House," and "The Diary" (via IMDb).

Kline and also Cates likewise make sure to remain close to their adult children, in spite of them leaving the nest and living their own lives. In 2015, Kline told Parade the simple secret to keeping the family together also if not living together: "We have dinner every together once a week in ~ least," that said. The tradition certainly seems to keep this talented family members close-knit and also content.