Eniko married Kevin in 2016 and also has to be by his side ever due to the fact that - here's every you must know around the funnyman's wife.

Eniko Parrish rose to fame since of her connection with Kevin HartCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Who is Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish?

Eniko Parrish climbed to fame because of her relationship with Kevin Hart.

Before that, she was an aspiring model and actress indigenous Baltimore - but she didn't land any type of high-profile jobs.

According come The Things, Eniko to be on a TV collection called Rip the Runway which aired on gambling in 2013.

The show, held by Kelly Rowland, featured fashion and music.

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Eniko to be an aspiring model and actress indigenous Baltimore prior to meeting KevinCredit: Instagram

When did Eniko and Kevin have their baby?

Eniko announced the birth of a infant girl ~ above Instagram top top September 29.

"Thankful grateful blessed," she wrote.

"A tiny bit of heaven sent down to earth.. Welcome to the human being baby girl..we can not love friend more.."

She claimed that Kaori roof Hart was born earlier in the day.

The couple had announced that they to be expecting a 2nd child together earlier in March.

The 41-year-old funnyman's wife common a snapshot of her bump come Instagram.

Eniko posted a photo of she bump to Instagram

Referencing the coronavirus pandemic, she captioned: "baby #2 in the middle of all of this we’re counting ours blessings and also couldn’t be much more grateful! shortly to it is in a family members of 6! #glowingandgrowing✨"

In May, Eniko was viewed cradling her baby bump when sporting a pink sash at their at-home sex reveal alongside their kid Kenzo, two, and also Kevin's children Heaven and also Hendrix with former wife Torrei.

enikohart ….And we space thrilled around the come of our infant girl….Family the 6 WOOOOOOOOW!!!!

"God is unbelievable….We are blessed to have you in our lives. All I can say is thank you honey."


Eniko is viewed working out throughout her 36th mainly of pregnancyCredit: Instagram

And simply weeks before giving birth Eniko shared a video of herself working out in a mustard-colored leggings and bra set.

She called viewers: ""I can not wait come drop this belly."

How long have they been married?

Kevin proposed come Eniko on her 30th birthday - respectable 19, 2014.

He gained down ~ above one knee and popped the question.

"On this perfect job I made decision to do the most perfect decision," Kevin claimed in the video of the proposal shared on Instagram, i beg your pardon Eniko captioned “I stated YES!!!!! to the most amazing man in the world.”

The pair walked under the aisle in Santa Barbara on respectable 14, 2016, exactly two years after their engagement.

Eniko Parrish, sky Hart, Hendrix Hart, Kenzo Kash Hart, and also Kevin Hart attend the Premiere that The mystery Life Of pet 2 in 2019Credit: Getty photos - Getty

How many youngsters does Kevin Hart have?

Kevin Hart now has actually four kids with two various women.

The comedian, 40, has actually two youngsters – Heaven, 15, and Hendrix, 13 – indigenous his first marriage come actress Torrei Hart.

Kevin and also Torrei bound the knot in 2003 however filed for divorce in February 2010.

Afterward, Kevin started dating Eniko Parrish and they married on respectable 13, 2016.

The pair welcomed a son, Kenzo Kash Hart, in 2017 and also the proud dad announced the news via Twitter.

Kevin's tweet read: "God is important amazing....Kenzo Kash Hart was born in ~ 1:45am ....He is healthy and balanced & already smiling. Say thanks to you all for your prayers!!!! we love & appreciate ya #Harts"

And their daughter, Kaori Mai, was born top top September 29, 2020.

God is important amazing....Kenzo Kash Hart to be born at 1:45am ....He is healthy and balanced & already smiling. Give thanks to you every for her prayers!!!! we love & evaluate ya #Harts

— Kevin Hart (

Did Kevin Hart cheat ~ above his wife Eniko Parrish?

In Hart's Netflix documentary series Kevin Hart: nothing F**k This Up, the comedian revealed the he cheated ~ above Eniko - who he married in 2016 - v a design in December 2017 once she was pregnant through their boy Kenzo Kash.

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However, Kevin described Eniko together "the strongest human being in the world" who demanded the he demands to get better if they decide to remain together.

He told The college of Greatness podcast: "She involved an remarkable conclusion of, 'I like the fact that we have a family, the we have actually a household, and also I prefer the truth that we now obtained a project to perform to gain better. That's what you owe me. You owe me the get-better.'

Kevin Hart admitted that cheated top top his wife when she was pregnant v their first child KenzoCredit: Getty photos - Getty


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