RHOA: Kenya Moore's Age, Job, net Worth, Instagram & connection Kenya Moore has been vital member of The actual Housewives of Atlanta cast. Keep analysis to obtain the inside info on Kenya"s life.

Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore is a crucial personality on The genuine Housewives the Atlanta. Ever because she join the franchise in season five, Kenya has made it s her an indispensable component of the show.

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Since joining the show, Kenya has starred in her very own TV pilot, began a skincare line, and also even developed an notorious workout video clip she did simply to spite previous castmate, Phaedra Parks. Prior to she ended up being a housewife, Kenya was well-known for being miss USA and even had actually her very own production company. Now, Kenya has entered a brand-new chapter of her life: being a wife and also a mother. Yet what else has Kenya done that countless Housewives fans might not understand about? maintaining reading to acquire the within scoop top top Kenya Moore.

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According to Celebrity net Worth, Kenya is at this time 47 year old and also was born January 24, 1971 in Detroit, Michigan. Besides gift featured as a full-time cast member top top RHOA, she has likewise appeared on other TV shows, such as The Celebrity Apprentice, The Steve Harvey Show and also The new Prince that Bel-Air. At the age of fifteen, Kenya began modeling and was the January 1992 sheathe girl for the Chicago-based Johnson publishing Company"s Ebony Man magazine. In 1989, the truth star i graduated from Cass technological High School and climate attended Wayne State University, where she specialty in psychology and minored in communication. In the 1990s, Kenya began entering pageants, miscellaneous she continuously talks about on RHOA. At the period of 22 year old, Kenya won the miss Michigan USA pageant, i beg your pardon led her to compete in both the miss out on USA pageant and the miss Universe pageant. She made history in the miss out on USA pageant, together she to be the second African American mrs to ever win. Kenya also appeared in numerous TV shows and movies throughout she career and later started her manufacturing company, Moore Vision Media, in 2008. This allowed Kenya to do a cool $800,000 as her estimated net worth.

Kenya Moore Marc Daly actual Housewives of Atlanta
In June 2017, Kenya married businessman and also restaurant owner Marc Daly. The pair announced they to be expecting their first child together less than a year later in April. Kenya provided birth to her daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly, on November 4, 2018. Kenya revealed she and also Marc named her daughter after the city they met in (Brooklyn) and gave she the middle name Doris ~ her late grandmother.

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Unfortunately, after much less than 3 years of marriage, Kenya and also Marc decided to separate. Kenya revealed ~ above the season 12 reunion that she uncovered "sexting" message from an ex ~ above Marc"s phone. However, the pair may be on the mend, together Kenya mutual a photograph last month to her Instagram of she and Marc celebrating Brooklyn"s birthday.