From his time with first Edition to his hugely successful solo work, he was a legend artist v a job spanning number of decades.

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Here are all the huge and amazing facts around the 'Gambler' singer:

Kenny Rogers family: that was his wife and also how many kids did the have?

Kenny Rogers with wife Wanda and also twin guys Justin and also Jordan. Picture: Getty

Kenny Rogers was married five times and also had five youngsters in total.

His very first wife to be Janice Gordon, and also they to be married indigenous 1958 to 1960. They had actually one kid together: daughter Carole.

He married Jean Rogers later on that year, yet they divorced in 1963.

A year later, the married Margo Anderson, and also they one child, a boy called Kennedy. They divorce in 1976.

In 1977, that married actress Marianne Gordon, and also they also had one kid in 1982: Christopher. They remained married until their divorce in 1993.

Kenny's mam at the time of his death was Wanda Miller, that was 28 years younger 보다 the singer. Lock married in 1997, and welcomed twin boys Justin and Jordan in 2004.

Who were The very first Edition?

After his earlier group The Minstrels were not proving successful, Kenny and fellow members Mike Settle, terry Williams, and Thelma Camacho left the group, and also formed The very first Edition in 1967 (later renamed Kenny Rogers and The an initial Edition).

They had actually a rock and roll/country sound, and had several hits consisting of 'But You know I Love You' and also 'Ruby, Don't Take your Love to Town'.

The group split in 1976, and also Kenny launched a solo career. The was right here that he occurred a an ext middle-of-the-road sound that proved far much more successful.

When walk Kenny Rogers retire?

In 2015, Kenny announced his taking leave tour, titled The Gambler's critical Deal. He stated that it to be his intention come retire indigenous touring at its completion, though he to be considering recording an additional studio album.

On April 5, 2018, it was announced that Kenny had actually to release his continuing to be tour as advised through doctors, due to a collection of wellness difficulties.

His final concert in Nashville took place on October 25, 2017 in ~ the Bridgestone Arena, wherein he to be joined by numerous artists consisting of Little large Town, Lionel Richie, The Flaming Lips, Travis Tritt, The Judds, Kris Kristofferson, Alison Krauss, kris Stapleton, Lady Antebellum, Idina Menzel, Reba McEntire and also Jamey Johnson.

The concert additionally included a unique appearance by his long-time friend Dolly Parton, who performed 'You Can't do Old Friends' and 'Islands in the Stream' through Rogers because that the last time.

What films and TV reflects did Kenny Rogers plot in?

Kenny Rogers starred in the 1982 movie Six Pack, together a race-car driver, and it to be a moderate hit at the us box office.

He additionally starred in made-for-TV movies such as The Gambler series, Christmas in America, and also Coward that the County (based ~ above his struggle song).

He was additionally the host and also narrator because that the A&E historical collection The genuine West, and made guest appearances in The Muppets.

Did Kenny Rogers have a goat?


At his home in Colbert, Georgia, Kenny had actually a pet goat called Smitty. He got the pet from a friend back in 2008.

According to Kenny, the goat has been "(his) centre", offering him a calming affect after long and stressful touring schedules.






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