Kendra Dagger to be blessed with an additional baby-related breakthrough just around three months after ending up being her third mother.

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She is now a sister!

for 8th time!

on Friday, might 21, Kendra’s mother, Christina, and also her husband, Paul, announced that they had one more daughter in your family.

The experienced mommy shared a photograph from the hospital, confirmed that she had actually named her newborn Moria Face, and included that she to be born on may 17. At the time, he weighed 6 pounds and also 5 ounces.

“The one you have lived without. You can no much longer live there is no it!” Christina wrote to Instagam.

“Our people has paused. Immerse yourself in this priceless gift!”


Daggers pan (and critics) claimed in October that Kendra and also her mommy I to be pregnant at the very same time, certainly the rarest development-although that somehow marked The second the time this taken place to this the same Parents and daughters.

Kendra and her husband Joseph Welcome Brooklyn praise Dagger In so late February, I automatically wrote on social media:

“I feel very grateful and also blessed!

“Yesterday, it seems that us were in ~ the altar dreaming of the future together, including having actually children. There to be something new here and I couldn’t say thanks to her anymore. “


In addition to Brooklyn, the couple also share a two-year-old child Garrett and a one-year-old daughter Adi.

Meanwhile, the young mother provided Counting top top viewers through updates on her daughter’s first day at home in an illustration aired ~ above TLC this winter.

“Brooklyn is doing well.

“Garret feels fairly acclimatized to Brooklyn, but Adi tho feels struggling, for this reason he’s functioning on that now.”


Jospeh added at the family’s Easter celebration:

“Easter is a time the renewal and sprout of brand-new things.

“So we think it’s a an excellent time to gain used to what we’re doing through our 3 kids and we’re looking front to what we have the right to do through our family.”


together you have the right to see above, Kendra currently seems nice excited about her mom’s latest baby marking Christina’s child number 9.

She additionally knew Dagger long prior to she came to be an official member of your family.

Jim Bob Dagger is rumored to have actually given good respect and admiration come Christina’s husband, Paul Caldwell, a minister of the church attend by all Daggers.

According to countless explanations, Jim Bob and also Paul arranged a marriage in between Kendra and Joseph. This is no surprised to anyone who documents a dagger.


as you might know, Kendra’s mother gives birth in the midst of a much bigger Dagger’s family scandal.

Eldest son Josh Dagger arrested If you are convicted of son pornography in all respects, girlfriend will challenge 40 years in prison.

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His attempt is scheduled to start on July 6.

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Kendra Duggar’s mommy Welcomes 9th Child… months After becoming a Grandma source link Kendra Duggar’s mom Welcomes 9th Child… months After coming to be a Grandma

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