Lola Consuelos is Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos’ center child, however she’s do a name for herself outside of her renowned parents’ shadow over the last few years!

June 16 marks a huge day for Lola Consuelos, as she’ll be transforming the huge 2-0! Lola is best known as one ofKelly Ripa andMark Consuelos‘ three kids. We’ve seen her on newspaper covers with her family, and even on some red carpets over the years. Lola has grown up into a important stunning young woman, and also she’s currently paving her own path in the entertain industry. Lola is one aspiring musician, and although the public hasn’t obtained to see her sing rather often, she’s proven on various occasions the she’s acquired some outstanding pipes. Get to know an ext about Lola here!

Who Is Lola Consuelos?

Lola is Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ 19-year-old daughter. Kelly and Mark are one of Hollywood’s longest stand couples, who have actually impressively to be married for more than 20 years. Castle met if filming All mine Children in 1995, and eloped on may 1, 1996. Their an initial child, a kid namedMichael Consuelos, now 24, to be born in June 1997, adhered to by Lola on June 16, 2001, and Joaquin Consuelos, 18, in Feb. 2003. Lola and also her siblings grew up in new York City through their parents, return they, the course, invested a the majority of time in Los Angeles, too.

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Lola Consuelos and Kelly Ripa in ~ CNN Heroe’s event in 2019. (Shutterstock)

For college, Lola stayed close to home by enrolling at new York University, as with her older brother. She is right now in school, and also although she parents are close by, they’ve do a suggest to make sure that she’s preserved her independence as a university student. “College is where you start developing yourself together an independent person, so as soon as you send your son away come college, if her kid stays local, if she feeling homesick, I have to say to her, ‘You can’t come home. You have to work the out,"” Kelly admitted in Sept. 2020.

She added, “I treat that . Ns did the same thing for my son. Mine main problem was, ‘I don’t understand if you should be this close to home due to the fact that I don’t desire you using home like it’s her home. I want this to be her experience."” Kelly and also Mark’s youngest son, Joaquin, took a different strategy than his larger siblings, and will be attending the university of Michigan start in the fall of 2021. The teens will likewise be ~ above the rings team in ~ his new school.

Despite Kelly’s insistence the Lola have a life that her own in the large Apple, she, of course, invited her back home with open arms during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Lola quarantined at house with she family, wherein she admittedly watched a the majority of Netflix and also spent rather a little bit of time top top TikTok. She even appeared virtually ~ above an illustration of she mom’s talk show, Live with Kelly & Ryan, in march 2020, and admitted that being ago at home was “honestly no as poor as thought.”

What Is Lola Consuelos’ partnership With her Parents?

Kelly and Mark seem to it is in close to all 3 of your adult children. In 2020, the Consuelos kids appeared on the covering ofPeople magazine through Kelly and also Mark. They additionally did video interviews because that the magazine, and Kelly and Lola had actually their very own interview segment. Their rapport and close partnership was noticeable as they joked about in the footage, when they likewise complimented each other for assorted reasons.

Lola Consuelos and Kelly Ripa at the CNN Heroes occasion in 2017. (Shutterstock)

“If I had your figure, I’d be reflecting it off, too,” Kelly admitted to her daughter. “I’d be sitting below naked. I’d be sit here, no apparel on, in the woods. If I could pull off your clothes, I would certainly in a heartbeat. You’ve obtained the chicest sense of style and also you wear everything with confidence.” Kelly likewise often posts about Lola — and also her sons — on society media, return she’s admitted the she has actually to obtain Lola’s approval prior to sharing any type of pics that her! In 2020, Kelly honored Lola on national Daughter’s Day, writing, “Happy national Daughter Day come this powerhouse. Say thanks to you for selecting me come be your mom.” Kelly has also taken Lola as her day to the CNN Heroes red carpet event much more than as soon as over the years!

Of course, Lola is additionally her daddy’s tiny girl. Mark could not be an ext proud that his daughter, and also he gushed end both her and Kelly in one Instagram post on international Women’s Day. “Wishing a Happy international Women’s Day come these 2 spectacular women,” the wrote. “So grateful to have you in my life, you inspire me past words. Ns love you.”

What Is Lola at this time Doing?

Lola is a college student at brand-new York University, where she’s majoring in music. When Kelly is a TV host/actress and Mark is one actor, Lola appears to be acquisition a different path in the to chat industry, together she’s functioning on a career together a musician. Back Lola previously mutual a video of herself singing on social media, she has since wiped she Instagram web page clean native her past posts.

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The video, which has because been deleted, featured Lola singing “Jealous” byLabrinth while play piano. “You room gifted,” Kelly gushed in the comments section, together with several heart and star emojis. Back Lola erased many of her old posts,she still has actually a windy account —
theyoungestyung — whereby fans can follow her in instance shedoes decision to post more singing videos in the future.