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Kelly Ripa is an American actress, dancer, talk display host, and television producer based in the joined States. She is the finest know because that her duty as Hayley Vaughan on the abc daytime soap opera, all My Children as well as Faith Fairfield on the abc sitcom Hope and also Faith. Kelly has also been the co-host that the syndicated morning talk display live with an essential and Ryan. In addition, Kelly and her husband, mark Consuelos, very own Milojo, a new York-based manufacturing company.

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Kelly Ripa Age

She was born Kelly Maria Ripa on October 2, 1970, in Berlin, new Jersey, united States. Kelly is 50 years old.

Kelly Ripa Height

She is a woman of typical stature. Kelly is slightly tall and stands at a elevation of 5 ft 3 in (approx. 1.6m).

Kelly Ripa Family

She was born to she parents, Joseph Ripa and also Esther in Berlin, brand-new Jersey. She father, Joseph, is a democratic County Clerk because that Camden ar while she mother, Esther is a homemaker. Moreover, Kelly has actually a sister know as Linda.

Kelly’s Photo

Kelly Ripa Sister

She has an older sister Linda Ripa, a children’s book author. She is 52 years old and also in 1999, Linda was affiliated in a horrific car accent that virtually killed her. In addition, at the time of accent, she was 7 month pregnant v her son Sergio-Giuseppe. Linda continual injuries consisting of multiple broken bones and pelvis which pushed into her unborn son’s head.

Sergio, she son got in a coma in utero and Linda refused an anesthetic for leg surgical procedure for faring damaging she unborn child. The accident made her boy born7 weeks early and also recovery started for both that them. Furthermore, after many years, Sergio is grown up, fit, healthy and also an aspiring musician.

Kelly Ripa Husband

She is happily married to her wonderful husband, Mark Consuelos. The pair met in 1995 once he to be a co-star on every My kid Soap Opera. On might 1, 1996, the couple eloped and also has to be together since then. In addition, Kelly together with Mark have actually 3 children, Michael Joseph, Lola Grace, and Joaquin Antonio. The pair resides in brand-new York City.

Kelly Ripa children | Children

The pair has been together for over 2 gets where have welcomed 3 children, 2 sons, Michael and Joaquin, and also one daughter, Lola. Moreover, Michael Joseph to be born ~ above June 2, 1997, Lola elegant born on June 16, 2001, and also Joaquin Antonia to be born ~ above February 24, 2003.

Kelly Ripa Daughter

Her daughter, Lola Grace, do a rarer appearance in 2020 ~ above a online episode of Live through Kelly and Ryan. In the episode, Lola offered an upgrade on her life in quarantine. She spent her time through online classes, watched Netflix, and additionally started TikTok and now can’t acquire off the it. Moreover, she studied music at new York University and graduated in 2019.

She has a longtime friend Tarek Fahmy that is a frequent presence on her Instagram feed. The pair toured Egypt in December 2019 and which she recorded on social media.

Kelly Ripa Son

She has actually two sons, Michael and Joaquin. Kelly made a surprising revelation about her firstborn, Michael, that didn’t want his famous mum talking around him on tv for a decade. Michael i graduated in 2020 with a film degree from Ney York University.

Kelly Ripa Education

She graduated from Eastern local High institution in Voorhees Township, Newjey. If in high institution Kelly to be a cheerleader and was motivated by she drama teacher, Jm Boeckle, to go after acting. In addition, Kelly attend Camden ar College and also pursued Psychology before dropping the course to execute Acting.

Kelly Ripa show | News

She is right now the co-host the the syndicated morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan in miscellaneous formats due to the fact that February 5, 2001. The present won its an initial Daytime Emmy award on June 23, 2012, for impressive Talk Show. Previously, the display was Live! through Kelly and also was readjusted on may 16, 2016, ~ Strahan’s critical show before his relocate to an excellent Morning America.

Before that, Kelly had replaced Philbin as the head the the present after Philbin retirement from the display in Novermber18, 2011. Top top the adhering to Monday, November 21, 2011, she re-titled the present as Live! v Kelly. In addition, on September 4, 2012, Micheal Strahan was announced together the brand-new Co-host and also Live! v Kelly and also Michael.

Kelly is ideal known for her tv work and also has several feature films to she credit. Moreover, in 1996, Kelly appeared in the acclaimed Miramax attribute Marvin’s Room alongside Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio.

She has actually won awards and recognition for her work in the display including, the Emmy compensation for superior Special class Special in 2006 and the 2-time Daytime Emmy award for outstanding Talk show Host for Live! v Regis and also Kelly. In addition, together with Reigns, they got 12 Emmy award nominations and also 4 People’s selection Award nominations.

Kelly Ripa all My Children

She increased to call in play girl Hayvey Vaughn Santos on the alphabet daytime soap opera “All mine Children” from 1990 to 2022. However, Kelly changed for two episodes in 2010 to help celebrate the soap opera’s 40th anniversary.

After working for the soap opera, every My Children, she later operated for Sitcom, Hope, and also Faith. Kelly join the primetime in September 2003 on expect & Faith, playing belief Fairfield. She acted favor an unemployment ex-soap star with kelly co-starring Ted McGinley, confidence Ford, and Megan Fox in the half-hour sitcom. In addition, the show gave abc its ideal Friday premiere score due to the fact that 1996. Kelly declared that she never ever wanted to work hard again which lead to the show coming come an end in may 2006.

Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos

She and also her husband, Mark, started the Milojo production agency in 2007 which was called for their youngsters Michael, Lola, and also Joaquin. The firm began v the Emmy-nominated feature documentary The Streak and likewise the Emmy-nominated attribute documentary The Streak. Moreover, Milojo released a first-look development address Discovery Channel for non-scripted series’ including Homemade Millionaire, organized by Kelly. Kelly and also her husband served as co-executive producer of the Oxygen collection Exhumed in 2021, i m sorry debuted top top January 17.

Kelly Ripa and also Ryan Seacrest

She is at this time co-hosting the ABC show Live v Kelly and also Ryan ~ Ryan Seacrest took over as Strahan’s irreversible replacement on might 1, 2017. Previously, the show was Live! through Kelly and also Michael and also was premiered on September 4, 2012.

Kelly Ripa Regis

Kelly and also Regis co-hosted the abc Live! through Regis and also Kelly show from Novermber 1, 2000 until his retirement at 80 year on November 18, 2011. ~ the retirement, Kelly changed Regis as the head of the display on November 21, 2011, to continue the show, which was re-titled Live! through Kelly.

However, Regis died of heart condition on July 24, 2020, if their connection was claimed to be rather strained. Nevertheless it is not clear if the 2 made amends before his death.

Kelly Ripa Diet

She is known for her slim figure and has spoken over the years around healthy eating and also lifestyle. Kelly stopped drinking to help maintain her slender physique. In addition, she eats hard food and also is on one all-carbohydrate diet.

She ate coco chia seed pudding because that breakfast including, blending together coconut water, pitless dates, cacao, cashew nuts, and also coconut oil. Throughout lunchtime, Kelly usually has a salad or yogurt and blueberries. In addition, she typically eats salad or soup as her dinner.

Kelly Ripa Salary

She is working for alphabet and additionally as an executive in Milojo. Therefore, over there is no doubt the she earns a decent salary. Kelly earns an annual salary of $ 21 Million.

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Kelly Ripa net Worth

She is an actress, dancer, talk show host, and television producer who have actually done exemplary occupational in every little thing she does. In addition, Kelly has actually co-founded the firm with she husband and likewise bring a lot of fortune to her basket and also it has really amassed over the years. Kelly has actually a net worth the $ 120 million.