There’s no denying exes Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have actually some the the many precious kids. Although the Kelly Clarkson Show star and also the music executive referred to as it quits following virtually seven year of marriage, the former couple is concentrating on act what’s ideal for their blended brood.

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“Kelly and also Brandon’s priority is their kids. They’re on board about moving forward through coparenting together their prime concern,” an insider specifically told Closer ~ she filed for divorce in beforehand June 2020, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.


The “Since U to be Gone” singer and also Brandon share their 2 kids, flow Rose and Remington, while the talent manager is likewise the dad of his eldest children, Savannah and also Seth, native his previous marital relationship to Melissa Ashworth. “They’re working on do this transition as easy as feasible for all their kids,” the source explained of the previous couple, that tied the knot in 2013. “She considers his kids hers … for this reason it’s going to it is in an emotionally difficult road ahead.”

Kelly and Brandon’s divorce proceedings space still ongoing, however in late November 2020, the American Idol alum was granted major physical custody the their little ones. According to documents derived by Closer, the “Stronger” songstress will have primary custody of your daughter, River, and their son, Remington, because of an “increased” level of conflict.


“The court finds that under the circumstances existing in this case, the interest in providing stability and continuity because that the minor youngsters weighs in donate of Petitioner having primary custody,” the court file read. “The parties have actually a an overwhelming time coparenting due to worries of trust between them.”

Kelly has actually primary physics custody in Los Angeles, however the love mom and the TV personality will share joint physical and also legal custody, the paper noted. Because River and also Remington will certainly be continuing to be with Kelly in L.A. Because that the majority of the time, they’ve come up v “a support agreed upon time” because that Brandon come FaceTime their youngsters every day. As of July 2021, Kelly has been in the interim ordered come pay her estranged spouse practically $200,000 in support, a source confirmed to Closer.


It’s been nearly a year since Kelly and Brandon referred to as it quits, however fans room still shocked considering the “Because of You” songstress appeared so smitten around her longtime love. In fact, the duo’s romantic kicked off through a whirlwind start as castle got involved just 10 months after they started dating in 2012.

The “My Life would certainly Suck there is no You” singer sweetly opened up about her relationship with the music guru at the time. “I’ve never been truly loved prefer I am appropriate now,” she gushed to Cosmopolitan in January 2013.

Even before welcoming river Rose and Remington together, Kelly marveled over ending up being the proud stepmom come Brandon’s kids. “We all live together and also everything. It’s for this reason different, however it’s perfect. They’re awesome, and I actually really destruction the mommy thing,” Kelly revealed top top “On Air through Ryan Seacrest” in 2013.

Scroll through the gallery below to learn much more about Kelly and also Brandon’s children.


Savannah Blackstock

Brandon first became a dad as soon as he and his previous wife, Melissa, welcomed their earliest daughter, Savannah, on June 7, 2002. Complying with his divorce native the health and wellness insurance agent, Brandon met Kelly. When their romantic led them to marry ~ a short amount of time together, Brandon’s two youngsters moved in v the new couple.

According to the teenager’s social media accounts, Savannah enjoys participating in equestrian competitions and already has a few wins under her belt. The gorgeous teen additionally has no trouble getting along with her stepmom, considering Savannah has joined Kelly top top award present red carpets.

She may not it is in her organic child, but The Voice referee gushed around her extremely open and genuine partnership with Savannah.

“Anytime asks me questions, friend know, life questions, it’s always like, ‘Just patience down and don’t take it it every to heart. Friend gotta it is in easier about life. Let it go,"” she once told CBS8. “You cannot regulate people, you can’t regulate what lock gonna say, you can’t regulate them gift mean. Let it go, live her life and do what you feeling is right.”


Seth Blackstock

Brandon and also his ex-wife invited their second child, kid Seth, ~ above November 21, 2006. As with his huge sister, Savannah, Seth ended up being the stepson to Kelly after his dad married the famous singer.

Seth might pop increase on Kelly’s Instagram every now and then, however he many famously made an appearance at one of his stepmom’s shows in 2015, when he came out to sing and dance together with her backup singers to a covering of “Uptown Funk.”

In an interview in 2018, Kelly revealed exactly how enjoyable Seth is to be around. “ gamer. He’s kind of our actor together well,” she said People. “He’s a really fun, an imaginative kid.” In our opinion, he is so cute too!

River climbed Blackstock

Kelly and also Brandon welcomed their an initial child together, daughter river Rose, ~ above June 12, 2014. The “Piece by Piece” singer has written two children’s books inspired by she daughter, River Rose and also the wonder Lullaby and River Rose and the miracle Christmas.

Kelly dished because that being just a toddler, River increased is “progressive” and also smart. “She will run a company one day because there’s no way she’s gonna work-related for anyone,” she dished come People in April 2018. “She does not heed advice an extremely well. She just very ballsy, i m sorry is awesome.”

It sounds choose Kelly’s daughter may prosper up to follow in her well known footsteps considering the lover tot has currently starred in one of her mom’s music videos. Kelly’s music video clip for “Broken and Beautiful” featured heartwarming moments in between the mother and daughter.

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Remington Blackstock

Kelly and Brandon invited their youngest child, son Remington, top top April 12, 2016. The end of all 4 of she kiddos, the TV personality revealed that small Remy is the most sensitive — however still has actually a wild side.

“You will certainly melt, you will be like, ‘Ugh,"” she called People. “ like our oldest, ns think he is gonna be much more the athlete, just like, ‘How have the right to I knock something over?’ He’s prefer the Tasmanian evil one — anything the can and also will be destroyed, is.”

Kelly also hilariously revealed that her son has actually no idea the she’s a Hollywood star. “I think lock look in ~ me as ‘Mom,’ therefore they don’t really even ,” she once shared with the outlet. “ has no idea. They’re just really normal. We’re not like, in the scene, ever.”

Although he mostly makes appearances ~ above his mom’s Instagram, Remington hit the red carpet with his famous family at the premiere of Ugly Dolls in late April. The small toddler look for this reason cute in his red carpet outfit!