Few activity stars truly hit their prime later on in life. Yet, after hits prefer Speed and also The Matrix, Keanu Reeves shows up to have actually done just that. Many thanks to the John Wick series, the actor currently leads arguably among Hollywood’s many beloved activity franchises. Together fans have noted, Reeves certainly retains his youthful appearance. Yet he has still struggled v age.

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Keanu Reeves at the Japanese premiere of ‘John Wick: chapter 3 — Parabellum’ | Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images

Fans often talk around how Keanu Reeves doesn’t seem come age

In recent years, Reeves has experienced a major career resurgence. However in addition, the has also claimed the location of “the internet’s boyfriend.” Jada Pinkett blacksmith — that co-stars with Reeves in The Matrix sequels — once attempted to define why fans find the gibbs so irresistible. And she proclaimed Reeves’ sweetness and secret to it is in what provides him therefore appealing.

Certainly, part of the an enig surrounding Reeves is how he never seems come age. In spite of being a big-screen star due to the fact that the 1980s, the actor has actually noticeably aged remarkably well. Although that is currently 56 years old, Reeves shows up younger and an ext energetic than many of his co-stars. Pan theories have also sprung about that maybe the gibbs is immortal after all.

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But the actor has actually openly grappled through his period over the years

Yet, despite these wild notions, Reeves supposedly ages similar to everyone else. In fact, that has faced the same personal journey others do with regards to his mortality. In one interview v CTV, he also shared the startle revelation of turning 40 and how it impacted his outlook top top life.

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”I had actually the classic 40 meltdown. I did. It’s embarrassing. It was pretty funny. Yet then i recovered. Come me, the was prefer a second adolescence. Hormonally, my body to be changing. Mine mind was changing. And also so my relationship to myself and the world roughly me concerned this assault of finiteness. … the was also the finish of the estimate of my younger self. I concerned the place where i thought, ‘I don’t know where ns am anymore. However where have actually I come from, and also what am ns doing?"”

Reeves’ philosophical response to that certain milestone feels perfectly in maintaining with his measured solution to whatever else. The was even once asked exactly how he faced aging and also reportedly described he views v with “wonder and terror.”

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In his mid-50s, Keanu Reeves is busier and more popular than ever

Regardless of his age, Reeves is undeniably more popular now than ever before before. 2014’s John Wick set the tone because that the next phase the his career. And the growing success the its sequels — as well as smaller duties in Toy Story 4 and also Netflix comedy Always be My Maybe — maintained that inert going. After Bill and Ted challenge the Music, Reeves reprises his most famed role.

In December 2021, The matrix 4 will hit theaters, with Reeves returning opposite Carrie-Anne Moss. Beyond that, the gibbs is signed on for at least two more John Wick sequels. Therefore Reeves fans have a lot to it is in excited about. V so much going on, probably the concept of Speed 3 — together joked about by Sandra Bullock — isn’t as far-fetched together it seems.