Katy Perry sparked rumors the she and also Orlando Bloom have tied the node after gift spotted put on what appears to it is in a wedding ring.

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The “Firework” singer was photographed sporting a gold band on her left ring finger together she stepped out through Bloom in Hawaii on Tuesday.

Katy Perry was seen wearing the yellow band and also a large yellow fanny pack.MEGA

Both Perry, 36, and also Bloom, 44, walk under the radar put on baseball hats. Perry additionally covered up v a face mask if Bloom wore a bandana around his neck.

The “Pirates that the Caribbean” star was additionally seen transferring their 6-month-old daughter Daisy on his back, though they covered their child’s head v a draping presumably because that privacy purposes.

Their reps go not automatically respond come our inquiry for comment.

Katy Perry and also Orlando Bloom stepped the end in baseball caps v their daughter Daisy.MEGA

The couple have remained in Hawaii because that the better half that a month top top vacation. Perry was spotted going for a stroll with baby Daisy in February and also Bloom to be seen through their daughter much less than a main later.

They’ve likewise been spotted lounging and also doing yoga top top the beach and Bloom’s 10-year-old kid Flynn — who he shares with ex, Miranda Kerr — additionally joined in ~ above the family members fun.

Bloom and also Perry — who recentlybought a $14.2 million mansionin Montecito, Calif. — invited their daughter in respectable 2020 practically a year after ~ getting involved in February 2019.

Orlando Bloom was seen through a bandana around his neck and also his baby girl Daisy ~ above his back.MEGA

The pair very first began dating in 2016 butbroke up approximately March 2017. Theyrekindled your romance in beforehand 2018with a trip to the Maldives, and there have actually beenmany other adventures due to the fact that then.

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Perry was previously married come Russell Brand from 2010 come 2012. Bloom was formerly married to Kerr indigenous 2010 to 2013.