Katy Perry and also Orlando Bloom room the A-list pair that no one witnessed coming. In between their flirtatious an initial meeting, romantic Valentine's day proposal and epic pregnant announcement, below is everything you need to know around Katy Perry and also Orlando Bloom's relationship.

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On in march 4, 2020, Katy revealed she to be pregnant with Orlando"s son in her recent music video for "Never Worn White."The pair welcomed their an initial daughter on august 26, 2020, naming her Daisy Dove Bloom.

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While the pair had been photographed together before, they had yet come walk a red carpet together a pair until September 2016. They attended the Gala for the worldwide Ocean in Monte Carlo together and looked certain smitten.

February 14, 2019: A Valentine's job Engagement

Orlando proposed to Katy top top Valentine"s job in 2019. He determined a really unique flower-shaped ruby engagement ring come gift his fiancée. The night started with dinner at an Italian restaurant prior to the pair boarded a helicopter (yes, that proposed in the sky!). As soon as they later arrived on a roof, the newly-engaged couple was greeted by family, friends and dozens that flowers.

February 20, 2019: Engagementmoon in the hills

A week after they became fiancés, the pair hit the slopes for an engagementmoon. They common snaps of your ski trip on Instagram through Orlando writing, "Underneath, we’re grinning native ear come ear." Katy jokingly commented, "Tag me so ns don’t like look a random."

June 6, 2019: No rush to the Altar

While appearing on KISS Breakfast with Tom & Daisy, the "Roar" singer called the radio master she remained in no rush to walk under the aisle. “Well yeah, one action at a time. Definitely, girlfriend know, make the efforts to, like, put the an excellent emotional structure for the lifetime of commitment, i m sorry is, like, a huge deal, friend know?”

When Katy dropped she music video for her newest single "Never Worn White," she also dropped one more bombshell—she"s pregnant! in ~ the end of the music video, Katy is seen cradling her farming baby bump. The song additionally pays homage to she romance with Orlando v lyrics like, "Cause I"ve never ever worn white/But i wanna get it right/Yeah, i really wanna try with you/No, I"ve never ever worn white/But I"m standin" below tonight/Cause i really wanna say "I do.""

in march 5, 2020: Postponing the Wedding

Just a day after announcing your pregnancy, news broke that the couple postponed your March wedding as result of the pandemic. Katy and Orlando to be planning come tie the knot in Japan but were forced to placed their nuptials ~ above hold.

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April 3, 2020: A Sweet gender Reveal

Nearly a month ~ the couple announced they were expecting, they took to Instagram to share the baby"s gender! "It"s a girl," composed Katy on Instagram, underneath a photo of Orlando spanned in pink frosting.

On august 26, 2020, Katy and also Orlando offered birth come their very first child and named her Daisy Dove Bloom. "We space floating with love and also wonder indigenous the safe and healthy come of our daughter," the new parents claimed on Instagram. It seems as though the couple had baby Daisy"s surname finalized long prior to her birth. The Instagram photo showed turn off the new mother"s daisy manicure together a sweet nod to the small one. Plus, the singer exit a tune titled "Daisies" in May, which was a clear hint to her young daughter"s name!

The birth notice was initially made by UNICEF because both Katy and also Orlando are Goodwill Ambassadors. The singer and actor take it the arrival of their daughter as an opportunity to spread out UNICEF"s message—even developing a donation web page on behalf of baby Bloom. The couple revealed, "In celebration event of the love we know our daughter currently has, us have collection up a donation web page to storage DDB’s arrival. By supporting them, you space supporting a safe start to life and also reimagining a healthier world for every child. We hope her ♥️ deserve to bloom v generosity."