In her new memoir, It"s never ever Too Late, the previous Today display host opens up up around the painful moment in she life that likewise inspired few of the best lessons she"s ever learned: "I deserve to look ago on points with a depths wisdom now," she speak

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In her brand-new memoir, It’s never ever Too Late, on revenue now, the previous Today present host, 67, opens up up about the painful moments in she life that likewise inspired some of the greatest lessons she's ever learned.

“I guess my life appears easy to, but nobody’s is,” Gifford tells human being in this week's issue. Looking earlier on a challenging first marriage, becoming a tabloid continual in the '90s and learning after her husband candid Gifford’s fatality in 2015 that he had actually suffered indigenous the degenerative mind disease CTE, “sometimes the previous is not your favorite location to visit,” she says. “But I can look earlier on things with a depths wisdom now, and also if I have the right to share that with and also it help them, then it’s precious it.”

For Gifford, a deep Christian faith has sustained her lifelong optimism. “I select to live in life abundantly, I choose to to trust God,” states Gifford, who is at this time in production on a Christian brief film, The Way, in Utah. “And to believe that every the things that have happened come me were not a coincidence.”



Reflecting top top her first marriage come Paul Johnson, a composer, to be particularly complicated for Gifford. After meeting at oral Roberts University, where Gifford was a student, the pair wed in 1976, however it to be a sexless marriage. “I was excited about beginning a life v someone, yet he didn’t feeling the very same way,” she says. “I feel humiliated sleeping in mine guestroom.”

“It to be so damaging come me ~ above so many levels, damaging because that me emotionally as a mrs to it is in rejected after conserving myself all those years,” she says. “And climate it to be so disappointing on a spiritual level, due to the fact that I had actually to asking the Lord, ‘How go I get this for this reason wrong anyway?’ ns don't even like to contact him mine husband because he wasn't in the truest feeling of the word.”

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Fearful the divorce’s stigma, she toughed it out for six years — and then that left her. “I to be relieved,” she says. “I realized, you understand what, we can make all the vow we desire in life, but if both human being don't desire the exact same thing, it's not going to work out. And I was very hopeful that at some point I would find a real love.”

She discovered it in Frank, the football star-turned broadcaster 23 years she senior, whom she met throughout a stint hosting Good Morning America.

The pair wed in 1986 and also welcomed son Cody in 1990 and also daughter Cassidy in 1993. “Our almost 30-year marriage was a genuine love affair and a true marital relationship in every sense of the word, for this reason God redeemed,” Gifford says.



In 1997, a tabloid recorded Frank cheating with an additional woman in ~ a hotel. The Live! through Regis and also Kathie Lee host, currently reeling from having actually been accused of using sweatshop labor to do her Walmart apparel line, to be gutted.

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“It to be absolutely devastating,” she says. Gifford sunk into a deep depression. “Nobody knows what i went through. You feel hopeless and you don’t want to live anymore,” she says.

The pair saw counseling, but Gifford contemplated divorce. “If this had been chronic actions from Frank, ns would have divorced him like that,” she says. “After what I'd been v with my very first marriage, climate to be through a chronically unfaithful husband, no. Naught in the scriptures says we have to stay with that.”