Juggling parenthood and also work might be difficult, however Kathie Lee Gifford made that look basic while increasing her 2 kids and working as one of Today‘s most iconic hosts for over a decade. Due to the fact that leaving the NBC morning present in December 2018, the previous star has actually been enjoy it time turn off with child Cody Gifford and also daughter Cassidy Gifford.

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The TV personality — who shares her beautiful brood v late husband Frank Gifford — has proven numerous times she has an amazing connection with her children. Kathie’s youngsters even honored their mommy in the most special way during her final episode on Today in April 2019.

To mark her 11-year career, Cody and also Cassidy appeared on the fight morning show and shared a poignant homemade video. Kathie’s kiddos gushed about how proud they are of their well known mom together the heartwarming clip played throughout the show.


“To you, mommy is a TV legend. To us, she is a legend mom,” Cody marveled as Cassidy sweetly chimed in, “The greatest life great that i personally ever before learned native my mommy you have a pulse, you have actually a purpose.”


Kathie Lee Gifford and also Late Husband Frank"s complete Marriage Timeline

“She’s constantly in gratitude mode,” the insider specifically shared. “She misses Frank desperately every day, but she’s healthy, her children are thriving, and she truly loves her life.”

Scroll through the gallery below to get to recognize Kathie’s kids, Cody and Cassidy!

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Cody Gifford

Kathie ended up being a mother for the an initial time when she and Frank invited their first child together, kid Cody, on march 22, 1990. Farming up, Cody acquired a taste of Hollywood in ~ a young period as he accompanied his mom and also dad on red carpet premieres and TV display sets.

As he acquired older, Cody complied with in his parents’ famous footsteps together he gone after a job in acting and also TV. According to IMDb, Cody attend Oxford college in Tennessee, where he produced a movie titled American Patriot. He additionally studied in ~ the university of southern California and also played football.

Since graduating native college, Cody ended up being the founder and acting principal of little Giant Productions — which has actually “sold, developed and also executive developed content because that Warner Bros. Television and the Hallmark Channel,” IMDb noted.

Besides the fact that Cody is paving rather the career because that himself, he’s just as successful once it involves his personal life. In September 2020, the brunette-haired hunk married his university sweetheart, Erika Brown, throughout a romantic wedding ceremony.

“God gave us a glorious day come celebrate this glorious couple,” Kathie Lee marveled alongside a pic that the newlyweds in their gorgeous ensembles on September 7. “So grateful.”

The A Godwink Christmas actress very first announced Cody and also Erika’s engagement in might 2019. “My kid is engaged and also I couldn’t be happier for him and
missamerikabrown!!!” the proud mom captioned a photograph of the happy couple.

We wonder if Cody and also Erika have any kind of plans to make Kathie Lee a grandma!

Cassidy Gifford

Kathie and also Frank welcomed their second child, daughter Cassidy, on august 2, 1993. Like her older brother, Cassidy adhered to in her parents’ path and pursued a Hollywood career. However, prior to hitting the big screen, Kathie’s mini-me i graduated from the college of southern California favor Cody.

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Aside from gift an accomplished actress, who showed up in a plethora of movies including The Gallows, Tim Trap, Twisted Sisters and also many more, Cassidy is likewise a stunning model. In 2015, she was even chosen as among Esquire magazine’s “18 Beautiful women America Won’t be able to Resist This Summer.”

In June 2020, Cassidy celebrated a personal milestone together she married she longtime love, Ben Wierda. Us Weekly evidenced Cassidy and Ben made your love main as lock walked down the aisle top top June 15. News of the pair’s nuptials comes less than a year ~ Kathie Lee common the exciting announcement of your engagement.

“So thrilled to announce the my beautiful daughter,
cassidygiff, is involved to a wonderful man, Ben
letsgetwierda,” the Kathie Lee and also Hoda alum wrote alongside a photo of her daughter and then-fiancé at the time. “I am beyond the moon and stars. Thank you, LORD!”