Kate Spade was recognized for her whimsical, colorful designs that instantly brought smiles to those that loved her fashion, but privately she combated depression and also anxiety because that years (via Reuters). Tragically, the fashion designer passed away by self-destruction in June 2018, leaving behind her husband and also business partner, Andy Spade, and also their daughter, Frances Beatrix "Bea" Spade, that is currently 15.

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Although the pair founded the Kate Spade new York brand together, they offered their stake in 2005 therefore they might spend much more time v Bea (via Town and also Country). The family ongoing to reside in brand-new York City, wherein Andy operated on freelance projects for companies choose J. Crew and launched a branding company.

The job after Kate"s death, Andy exit a statement come The brand-new York Times expressing the family"s shock and also grief and also requesting privacy. "My main concern is Bea and also protecting her privacy together she deals with the unimaginable grief of shedding her mother," the explain concluded. "Kate loved Bea so really much."

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Less than 6 months after ~ Kate"s death, People reported the Andy and also Bea had moved come the West Coast. Elyce Arons, CEO of Frances Valentine and also a longtime girlfriend of Kate"s, said the outlet that the pair was living in California and Andy"s priority to be taking care of Bea.

In august 2019, Page Six reported that Andy and Bea had moved right into a new home in Oakland, California. In a emotional Instagram post, Andy mutual a photograph of a Christmas tree he and Bea had planted external their brand-new Bay Area home. "Dear Katy, this tree is for you," he created in the caption. "Bea and are planting it exterior of our huge window to keep your wonder spirit and also energy close to us every day. It will certainly bless our brand-new home in California and radiate your significance 365 work a year."

Andy has actually kept a low profile due to the fact that Kate"s death, however he is cursed to maintaining her memory lively — and he has crucial message because that anyone struggling through their mental wellness (via The Los Angeles Times). ~ above what would have actually been Kate"s 57th birthday in 2019, Andy urged world to "seek aid if you room feeling helpless or lost" and to "ask friends and also relatives if they space okay" in bespeak to save an open up dialogue around mental health.

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If you or anyone you understand is having actually suicidal thoughts, please call the national Suicide avoidance Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.