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Six periods in together chief stewardessand Kate Chastain’s habits still surprises she on Bravo’s Below Deck.

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"I constantly surprise myself, I"m complete of surprises," the 36-year-old truth star teases ET of what’s come come in the show"s seventh season. "I didn"t technically walk overboard however I did kind of run ship."

That "jump ship" moment was first teased in the season trailer, which sees a look at drunk Ashton Pienaar, this season"s bosun, confront a seemingly drunk Kate, ominously informing her, "Everybody feels that method about you, Kate!" Kate then tells him, "OK, great. Walk find another chief stew. I quit," prior to telling her other stewardesses to not follow her as she exit the yacht.

"I go off into the Thailand night," she jokes. "Iwas simply frustrated. It to be close quarters, and it was in the direction of the finish of the season and, in the moment, it was simply kind of one of those, "Eff you, eff you, you"re cool, I"m out" ."

"You know, yachting is just a very stressful situation," she notes. "Close quarters, long hours and also some civilization just can"t make it the totality season for one reason or another."

Now, pan will have to wait to see if or how Kate returns from she journey right into the Thailand night, but it seems safe to i think she isn’t gone for good. Though, she says,Captain Lee Rosbach had no idea she had abandoned ship the night.

"I think that was an extremely surprised as soon as he referred to as for his morning coffee and also it wasn"t arriving," she offers, revealing they had a conversation around it later. "I mean, he supported me no issue what, however there to be a little of disappointment. On both sides -- he was disappointed the I acquired to the level the frustration, he to be disappointed that i walked turn off the boat and also I was disappointed that ns disappointed him."

A big part the Kate’s frustration this charter seasonwould show up to lie v the brand-new chef, Kevin Dobson. In the trailer, he’s seen informing Kate, "No, i don’t think you’re a great chief stew," and, "You’re not the unique superstar that you think girlfriend are. F**k off."

"Even if ns don"t favor a chef, I try to fake it since it just makes my life easier, if that thinks ns love him,"Kate shares. "But he made the pretty difficult."

"At first, ns loved him since he"s from brand-new Zealand and, in my experience, anyone from brand-new Zealand is just so nice," she adds. "Like, Australians are an ext macho and kiwis are just really sweet and also sensitive, but it transforms out the spends a the majority of time in Australia."

"I think if you"re the finest chef in the world, you should simply be confident and nice," she continues. "I don"t understand if it was overcompensation or probably he"s simply spent too lot time the end of brand-new Zealand."

Kate took more of a liking to the two brand-new deckhands onboard motor yacht Valor this season, Tanner Sterback and also Brian de Saint Pern.

"Ashton is walking to it is in so mad at me, but, like, girlfriend know, last year, Ashton was type of choose beefcake that the deck crew? He’s, like, the least attractive this year!" she admits. "That’s how warm they are! We gained hotties!"

" the hot one,"she gushes. "I don"t, like, have a to like on him, he"s just, prefer -- it"s a Porsche. Ns don"t desire to hook up with a Porsche, however I enjoy looking at it. I appreciate it"s beauty. Like, we were having actually dinner and I had the deckhands -- we were serving dinner and I had actually the deckhands do something v their top off due to the fact that they’re hot. And, ns mean, all-female charters really want it, and Captain Lee to be eating v them and then after dinner Captain Lee come in and also was like, "Did you check out Brian with his shirts off?" Like, even Captain Lee to be like, "Whoa!""

Overall, Kate uncovered the whole charter season to be steamy -- both literally and also figuratively.

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"It to be hot!" she confesses. "In all the ways. Our deck crew is hot, Thailand is hot. It’s simply a really hot season. And there"s a lot of romance this season."

For more on Kate’s thoughts on season 7 (including what she think of she stews) check out the video above. Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET ~ above Bravo.


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