When Kate Beckinsale is asked how motherhood changed her life, she answer is usually the same. 

"It has actually made me emotionally life in numerous situations," the actor previously told Parade.

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"You heart is beating exterior your body when you have a baby."

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The actor, who is best known for her roles in Underworld, Vacancy, and Van Helsing, had her daughter, Lily Sheen, as soon as she was 26 years old.

But because that the last two years, Beckinsale hasn't checked out her daughter.

"I haven’t checked out my daughter for 2 years due to the fact that of everything. Also, I visited Canada working and also she couldn’t glossesweb.come watch me," Beckinsale mutual on Live with Kelly and also Ryan.

"Two year of not seeing your kid is, to me, the many preposterous thought, it is ridiculous."

In the last 2 years, the pair have stayed in touch end FaceTime.

"Thank goodness because that FaceTime and all that, yet we’re both panicking the we’ll look really old to each other," Beckinsale shared.

"My daughter is 22 but looks eight! therefore she’s like, 'I’m just worried the you’re going to think i look old' but I’m going glossesweb.come look old."

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The shipment Room
Michael Sheen and also actress Kate Beckinsale in 2002. Image: Getty. 

Image: Getty. 

During their eight-year relationship, the couple made headlines once again as soon as Sheen punched Beckinsale's co-star, Jeremy Northam, top top the set of The gold Bowl.

"Jeremy and also I had actually a disagreement around something," Beckinsale recalled.

"So I’m additionally taking treatment of Lily, who was simply six months old in ~ the time, and ns was quiet breastfeeding and then Michael came under to the set to choose her up and suddenly watch this guy yelling in ~ me. So, naturally he got an extremely upset, and that wasthat," she continued.

"The reality is, never hit anyone prior to in his life and it was sort of shocking, but in a weird means it really broke the ice and it to be all it s okay after that."

In 2003, Beckinsale and also Sheen ended their partnership after working together on Underworld.

Michael Sheen, Kate Beckinsale, and also Len Wiseman in 2014. Image: Getty. 

Shortly afterwards, Beckinsale began dating Underworld manager Len Wiseman.

At the time, rumours emerged that Beckinsale and also Wiseman had actually an to work on set. However, the pair have actually long refuse the claims.

"The well-known notion of exactly how Michael and also I broke up — that us were ~ above <Underworld> and I ran off through the director — is just not true," she called Entertainment Weekly in 2012.

"If the were the case, i think it would be very difficult and strange to have an it s okay situation."

Beckinsale and also Wiseman later gained married in 2004, one year ~ her break-up from Sheen.

During your marriage, the actor maintained a strong co-parenting relationship with Sheen.

" loves and also I love her and also Len loves her. Everybody’s nice. The men both obtain along," she said The new Wave, according to Express.

"I carry out feel choose that’s my significant achievement that the last decade, the my daughter is totally unscathed and also great. I am proud of that." 

In a separate interview through ES Magazine, the 47-year-old mutual that your co-parenting partnership is "so normal".

"It’s so typical for us. We split up ages ago. We have been not together far longer than we were ever before together," she said, follow to Metro.

"I yes, really love him and also like him and also we do each various other roar through laughter."

Michael Sheen, Kate Beckinsale and Sarah Silverman in 2016. Image: Getty. 

Following his break-up from Beckinsale, Sheen dated actor Rachel McAdams for three years, before dating glossesweb.comedian buy it Silverman on and off for three years. 

Now, Sheen lives in Wales with his girlfriend, sweden actress Anna Lundberg. The couple welglossesweb.comed a daughter, Lyra, in 2019.

Anna Lundberg and Michael Sheen in 2020. Image: Getty. 

As because that Beckinsale, the actor's marriage to Wiseman ended in 2016 together the pair filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences".

Since then, the actor has been briefly attached to glossesweb.comedian Pete Davidson and musician Goody Grace.

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In one interview in late 2020, Sheen opened up about the finishing of his connection with Beckinsale.

"Going through that endure of a connection breaking down and also having a young child, and also then because of mine daughter and also her mum living in another country, having to do a life in a brand-new place whilst going with that whole experience, i beg your pardon is difficultenough, the was yes, really tough," he told Annie Macmanus on the Changes podcast. 

"I had actually no job-related visa to remain in America, so every time ns left, I had actually to go earlier to brothers obviously ~ a specific amount of time, I never knew if I would certainly be permitted to glossesweb.come ago in again."