TODD Tucker common a photograph of his wife, the actual Housewives that Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss v a bump and also teased a pregnancy saying "another addition."

The two welcomed a daughter via surrogate a year ago.



Todd, 47, took to Instagram to short article a snapshot of his wife, Kandi, rocking a pregnant belly.

Along v the photo, that wrote: "Another enhancement to the family members babe?"

In the photo, the Bravo star to be wearing a black shapewear bodysuit v white ankle socks.

She also had she hand over her belly and also the snapshot hinted she had actually taken it from inside a hair and also makeup trailer or a hotel room.




One user included to the 'movie' claimCredit: Instagram

Despite Kandi, 44, herself no commenting on the photo, Bravo fans easily rushed come the write-up to quickly shut under what they thought was a joke.

One fan wrote: "Naw, seems like a throwback."

A second one shared: "Congratulations....on the movie role."

Kandi Burruss actually had a level stomach because that Cynthia Bailey's wedding two weeks agoCredit: Instagram

And a third one said: "I watch y'all not really paying fist to the background. She is in a trailer which method she is playing a in a movie, show, or play and also her character is pregnant."

In fact, fans to be coming up v some logical excuses together Kandi herself has actually yet to also hint that she's expecting.

Most recently, she was part of Cynthia Bailey's bridal party as one of her bridesmaids and rocked a flat stomach.

Todd and also Kandi met as soon as he was a producer because that RHOA back in 2011Credit: Getty - Contributor

She likewise recently to visit a Halloween party wherein she sported a cat costume there is no a hints of a pregnant belly.

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Kandi and Todd met on the set of RHOA, where he to be a producer that the show before they began dating.

The two started dating in 2011 and also tied the knot 3 years later.

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They welcomed their son, Ace, in 2016.

The couple also has actually an 11-month-old daughter, who was born via surrogate.

This storyline played the end in the critical season that RHOA with Todd throw a substantial baby shower.

Kandi likewise has an 18-year-old daughter indigenous a previous connection with Russell Spencer. Todd likewise has a daughter from one more relationship.

Nene Leakes and also Kenya Moore fight at Kandi"s baby shower together security dubbed to rest it up in RHOA season finale