Justin Timberlake and also Jessica Biel space crushing it together parents the two. The ’NSync singer and the Hollywood actress have actually been over the moon due to the fact that giving their very first child, Silas, a infant brother called Phineas.

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Justin and Jessica covertly welcomed their 2nd child in July 2020. “They told very couple of people. This has really brought them closer together again. They’d just learned lock were having actually baby No. 2,” an insider called In Touch in ~ the time. “It to be a very an overwhelming few months for them, however they came out the various other side, and also now they have actually this beautiful little boy.”


Jessica and also Justin ended up being parents for the an initial time as soon as they invited Silas in April 2015. Unlike their second bundle the joy, the “Can’t prevent the Feeling!” singer and the 7th Heaven alum required to Instagram to announce they to be expecting v their first baby.

The “SexyBack” performer common the amazing news by uploading a photograph of self kissing Jessica’s adorable infant bump. “Thank you, everyone, for the b-day wishes!” he composed in January 2015. “This year, I’m obtaining the biggest GIFT EVER. Can not WAIT.”


Now that Justin and also Jessica have had actually time to change to being a family of four, the doting mother joked juggling she two youngsters has been a small more an overwhelming than she expected. “A really wise girlfriend of mine said, ‘One is a lot. And two is a thousand,"” she shared throughout an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April 2021.

“That’s specifically the method it feels,” Jessica continued. “You’re like, man-on-man defense, one who here, one person’s end there. The is a wild, wild ride.”

However, the I currently Pronounce friend Chuck and also Larry actress no mind the sleepless nights and also long days since she’s so grateful to endure the link Silas and also Phinneas have actually created. “It is therefore cute to see these 2 together,” she gushed come Ellen DeGeneres. “They both think the other one is hilarious.”


Considering the Grammy winner and also Jessica love being parents for this reason much, fans can’t help but wonder if the two have actually plans to welcome any an ext babies. Throughout an interview with Beat’s 1’s Zane Lowe in January 2018, Justin revealed he wants to “have as many kids” as they can.

“If ns being honest,” he sweetly said. “I’ve never ever felt more inept in my life. You wake up up and every one of a suddenly there’s this human being being you responsible for.”

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Silas Randall Timberlake

The married duo knowledgeable parenthood for the an initial time when their eldest son, Silas, made his come in April 2015. Justin and also Jessica couldn’t be more proud of their first child, and also the singer as soon as expressed just how much fatherhood means to him.

“My son: the is my honor to be her Daddy. You make me feeling a love that ns didn’t recognize existed,” Justin wrote via Instagram. “I will constantly be there … to pick you up when you fall, to lift you up when you are prepared to soar and also to repeat you that your humility will certainly be your overview through this thing called life.”

Up until his baby brother’s birth, Silas was the just child. Although he’s no much longer the baby of the family, the pair space elated around watching Silas it is in the “best huge brother” come Phineas. During an figure on Today with Hoda and also Jenna in September 2021, Jessica gave a glimpse inside your brotherly bond.

finds him yes, really funny, and also the infant thinks that Silas has actually hung the moon. So, that’s yes, really cute,” the TV star shared. “, that course, wants to do everything that his older brother’s doing and also follows him roughly everywhere. Yet Silas is the best large brother. He is so sweet, and he’s simply a beloved guy. We’re pretty lucky. Lock sweet boys.”


Phineas Timberlake

Justin and Jessica’s 2nd child come in July 2020, however it took an ext than 6 months for them come share any type of details regarding their new youngster. Throughout an figure on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2021, Justin shown the arrival of your son, who they called Phineas.

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“He’s awesome and so cute. Nobody’s sleeping,” the Friends with Benefits alum gushed to the TV host. “But we’re thrilled. We’re thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Very grateful.” Justin noted his eldest son, Silas, is especially happy about his infant brother’s birth. “Silas is super excited,” that dished. “Right now, he’s really much liking it. Phin can not walk however or chase him down, so we’ll view what happens.”

When Jessica quit by Ellen’s program months later in April, she gave an upgrade on her tot’s resting routine. “We began to sleep train, and also he was doing so good … it’s so hard to allow them cry for also a few minutes. That’s the sleep training us were doing. Phin go a beautiful job.”

Recently, though, “all that his teeth began to come in,” Jessica shared, jokingly adding, “And now, nobody is sleeping again.”

Jessica is absolutely getting a cave of her role as a dedicated mom of two, yet she revealed the change from one come two children was a small more complicated than she envisioned. Speaking v hosts ~ above Today through Hoda and Jenna in September 2021, the Total Recall actress said it felt favor she had “amnesia” while adjusting come life v a newborn.

“I mental going, ‘When does that eat actual food? What kind of cream? What bathtub?’ ns felt favor I forgot,” Jessica shared. “I began from scratch all over again, and also I didn’t expect that. I simply sort that thought, ‘Well, i’m an skilled now. Friend know, I’ve done this before, and also I can do that again.’ No, I needed a full education and learning all end again.”