It’s the finish of an era, as famed judge and television star Judy Sheindlin has finally finished a 25-season run dispensing justice and memorable one-liners on her eponymous syndicated series, Judge Judy. The final episode aired Tuesday.

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Viewers instantly associated with Sheindlin"s matter-of-fact attitude and decision-making top top the show"s debut in 1996, i beg your pardon stemmed from a successful career in family members law as both a prosecutor and also supervising judge.

But Sheindlin isn’t prepared to leave our screens (or life rooms) simply yet. Keeping up through the times, the courtroom symbol will be starring in a brand-new streaming display called Judy Justice, collection to wait on Amazon’s IMDb TV.

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“We have actually to provide a certain number of episodes through December, and also then Amazon will make the decision how and when they desire to release this show,” Sheindlin said around Judy Justice to The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know. Offer me a robe and a case, and also I’ll carry out my job."

CBS additionally bought the entire brochure of Judy episodes ago in 2017 because that a cool $100 million, so it"s for sure to to speak reruns will more than likely be a really frequent event for those flipping v channels. 

According to Forbes, her network worth was approximated to be a chuck $450 million as of October 2020, back the 78-year-old officially made it come the nine-figure net-worth club in 2011, in ~ which time she was estimated to be worth approximately $130 million.

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The bulk of she earnings have derived from a sky-high $47 million-per-year salary, make her one that the highest-paid master on television. “My compensation has not been a secret,” Sheindlin stated candidly come THR. “It’s been the end there for a long time — not by me, but it obtained out there and had its very own life."

The judge’s valuation and also earnings additionally come from sources including creating other court reflects like Hot Bench, authoring a number of successful books and boasting an exceptional real legacy portfolio in addition to her husband Jerry that has actually included homes and estates in Florida, Connecticut, new York, California and also Rhode Island.

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For the moment being, re-airings of her iconic flagship show could have to tide fans over, together there space reports Judy Justice may not surface ar until 2022. We will certainly surely keep you posted.