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Alex Ferrer is an acclaimed Cuban-American Lawyer, tv Personality and Retired Judge that was born in Havana, Cuba and also brought-up in the united States. He is widely known for his show called Judge Alex, an arbitration-based fact court show where the serves together the Presiding Judge.

Alex also serves together a legitimate Columnist ~ above several nationwide networks, which incorporate MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, HLN. He additionally serves as a regular Guest on several nationwide daytime tv shows, consisting of that that Steve Harvey and Wendy Williams. He organize a Bachelor of experienced Studies degree from Barry University and a Juris Doctor’s level from the university of Miami. Climate he worked for the University’s alumni association together a judicial Director.

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Alex Ferrer Age

Ferrer is 60 year old together of 2020, the was born top top 18 0ctober 1960, in Havana, Cuba. He celebrates his birthday on 18th 0ctober that every year and also his birth authorize is Libra.

Alex Ferrer Height and also Weight

Alex stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters) and Weighs 128 lbs (58 kg). He additionally appears to be quite tall in stature in his photos.

Alex Ferrer Education

Ferrer checked out Rockway small High School and also after completing his studies, he went for training and also became the youngest police officer once he was 19 year old. The the enrolled at Barry University and also graduated through a Bachelor of experienced Studies degree.

Later, the attended the college of Miami from wherein he got a Juris Doctor degree after i m sorry he came to be a released Member that iits regulation review. Then he operated for the University’s alumni association as a righteousness Director.

Alex Ferrer Family, Parents and also Siblings

Alex was born by his parental in Havana, Cuba and raised in the United states of America. Our initiatives to find out much more about his family came come no avail as no such details is publicly available. Thus, the identification of his parents is tho unclear. The is also not known if he has any type of siblings. We will upgrade this section once this information is available.

Judge Alex Ferrer Wife

Ferrer is happy married to his mam Jane Ferrer. Information around how they met and tied the node is under research and also will be updated. The pair currently stays in Miami, Florida, United says of America.

Judge Alex Ferrer Daughter

Alex and also his mam Jane are proud parents of 2 adult children. They have a son called Taylor and a daughter whose surname is no yet obtainable in the public. More and comprehensive information around his daughter including her identification is under research, we are maintaining tabs and this section will it is in updated.

Alex Ferrer Salary

Ferrer’s annual salary is not yet revealed, though, throughout the times he was a presiding officer at his show ‘Judge Alex’, he to be reported to be earning around 2 million dollars in the single-season.

Alex Ferrer net Worth

Alex has an estimated net worth of $15 million together of 2020. This includes his assets, money and also income. His primary source of earnings is his career together a Lawyer, tv Personality and Retired Judge. V his miscellaneous sources that income, he has been able come accumulate a an excellent fortune yet prefers to command a usual lifestyle.

Alex Ferrer Measurement and Facts

Here are some amazing facts and also body measurements you should know about him;

Alex Ferrer Image

Alex Ferrer Bio and also Wiki

Full Names: Alejandro Enrique FerrerPopular As: Alex FerrerGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: Lawyer, tv Personality and Retired JudgeNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: no AvailableReligion: not KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

Alex Ferrer Birthday

Age / exactly how Old?: 60 year (2020)Zodiac Sign: LibraDate the Birth: 18 0ctober 1960Place that Birth: Havana, CubaBirthday: 18th 0ctober

Alex Ferrer body Measurements

Body Measurements: no AvailableHeight / just how Tall?: 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters)Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)Eye Color: BrownHair Color: BlackShoe Size: not Available

Alex Ferrer Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): not KnownMother: no KnownSiblings (Brothers and Sisters): not KnownMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse: Married to JaneChildren: sons (Taylor) Daughter(s) (1)

Alex Ferrer network Worth and Salary

Net Worth: $15 millionSalary: $2 millionSource the Income: Lawyer, tv Personality and Retired Judge

Alex Ferrer House and also Cars

Place of living: Miami, Florida, USACars: automobile Brand to it is in Updated

Alex Ferrer judge Alex Show

Judge Alex is one American arbitration-based truth court show which was performed by the Ferrer, a Lawyer, retired Police Officer and Judge. The show debuted on 12 September 2005 after ~ ‘Texas Justice’ has finished 4 month earlier. The present was aired on the broadcast Syndication Network. It to be directed by Eddie October, Michael Dimitch and Art Bergel and narrated by Randy Schell.

It to be announced top top 17 January 2014 the hsi production of the present had end which command it to it wait its final episode top top 21 might 2014. The cases that were recorded include the equipped robberies to kidnappings and first-degree murders. His shows had humor the made it interesting as the was no overly harsh.

Ferrer take it the seat in 2005 top top his generally syndicated network show, judge Alex. In its very first season, referee Alex turned into the most elevated appraised brand-new daytime appear in syndication, demolishing separation, personal, instance newcomers Martha Stewart and Tyra Banks. The present broadcast in about 96 percent the U.S. Family units because that nine seasons. Ferrer was called the “Most reliable Daytime television Host” in 2008.

He beat out such family members names as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Regis Philbin, and also Dr. Phil. The was additionally included in civilization Magazine’s Sexiest man edition. Ferrer consistently fills in as a lawful analyst on a few national systems, consisting of FOX News, CNN, HLN, and MSNBC, and also is a succeeding visitor on nationwide daytime network shows, consisting of Steve Harvey and also Wendy Williams.

Alex Ferrer Whistleblower

Ferrer is the organize of the syndicated CBS show “Whistleblower”. Whistleblower accounts of gallant individuals who put whatever at risk so as to uncover unlawful and frequently risky poor behavior when far-reaching partnerships rip off U.S. Citizens.

Facilitated by jim together a lawyer, a ahead adjudicator, and cop, every hour presents instances in i beg your pardon standard individuals step up to do the phenomenal by taking a chance with your vocations, your families and even their lives to insurance others space not hurt or killed by unchecked, deceptive corporate avarice.

Frequently Asked inquiries Asked around Alex Ferrer

Who is Alex Ferrer?

Alex Ferrer is one acclaimed Cuban-American Lawyer, tv Personality and Retired Judge. He is widely known for his display called judge Alex, one arbitration-based truth court show where the serves together the Presiding Judge. Alex additionally serves as a legal Columnist ~ above several nationwide networks, which include MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, HLN.

How old is Alex Ferrer?

Ferrer is 60 year old together of 2020, he was born top top 18 0ctober 1960, in Havana, Cuba. His birth authorize is Libra.

How high is Alex Ferrer?

Alex stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters) and Weighs 128 lbs (58 kg).

Is Alex Ferrer married?

Yes, that is married come Jane and are proud parents of two adult children. They have actually a son called Taylor and a daughter whose name is not yet accessible in the public.

Why was Judge Alex Canceled?

Long-running syndicated court present Judge Alex was canceled due to the fact that the display was ranked together the lowest the end of the remaining five veteran court reflects nationally.

How lot is Alex Ferrer Worth?

Alex has actually an approximated net precious of $15 million together of 2020. This includes his assets, money and also income. His primary resource of revenue is his career as a Lawyer, television Personality and also Retired Judge.

How much does Alex make?

His yearly earnings space not available in the public, we are keeping tabs and will upgrade this information as quickly as it will be available.

Where walk Ferrer live?

He is a resides of Miami, Florida, USA, we chandelier upload pictures of his house as shortly as we have actually them.

Is Alex dead or alive?

He is alive and also in good health. There have been no reports of him gift sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Ferrer now?

Alex serves as a legit Columnist ~ above several nationwide networks, which include MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, HLN.

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