Joy Behar has been a clip on the long-running chat display “The View” because that 23 seasons.

Now the 78-year-old co-host — the only original member to continue to be on since the talk show’s inception in 1997 — is reflecting on the abc show’s legacy and how she preserved her job all these years.

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“Well, I’ve gotten in problem a couple of times ~ above the show,” she stated to People.

“I’ve had actually to apologize, i beg your pardon I’m happy to perform in bespeak to save mine and everybody else’s job. Ns don’t care. Also if i don’t median it, I’ll perform it,” the “When You require a Lift” author and liberal voice continued. “Even if ns look choose I’m in a hostage takeover, I’ll still execute it, because if you don’t perform it, you shed your job and also everybody else’s.”

“The View” was produced by reporter Barbara Walters earlier in the day and features a round table that women mentioning topics from national politics to pop culture. End the years, the chats have famously led to many fiery exchanges between politically divergent hosts.


Of course, those fraught discussions may be what appealed to viewers. Behar hinted at that once she spoke about her ideology for maintaining the display as effective as that is.

“You have a bunch that women who speak their minds and enjoy the blowback. That’s our stock-in-trade,” she said.

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She additionally explained just how her own satire can be rough roughly the edges sometimes and also she would certainly subsequently need to apologize.

“My comedy has actually never been vicious or mean since my will is simply to do you laugh. That’s all. Ns don’t have any type of other motive,” she said. “And therefore if the intention is in the right, and also your heart is in the right place, i think the you deserve to never yes, really go wrong. I’ve offended human being for sure, yet whatever.”

Season 25 of “The View” will certainly premiere Sept. 7 through returning hosts Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, sunny Hostin and also Sara Haines.

The comedian will certainly return because that Season 25 top top Sept 7. Alongside longtime co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, sunny Hostin and Sara Haines.

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Meghan McCain left the display on Aug. 6; however, production is supposedly in no rush to replace her. The talk show will instead have a rotating guest directory of conservative females filling McCain’s spot. Previous Utah Rep. Mia Love will very first join the hosts come Sept. 7.

Other stars who are set to show up include Condoleezza Rice, Gretchen Carlson, Eboni K. Williams, Cameran Eubanks and also S.E. Cupp.