Last night, when Joe Kennedy III conceded the Senate major race to incumbent Edward Markey, he became the very first in his household to shed an choice in Massachusetts.

"To everyone who dealt with with us. Everyone that stood through us. Anyone who believed in us and gave their sweat and also tears and hearts and souls to this fight: say thanks to you. Ns am so proud of what we built together," Kennedy tweeted on Tuesday night. "I’d do it v you all again in a heartbeat."

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To everyone who combated with us. Everyone who stood with us. Anyone who thought in us and also gave your sweat and also tears and also hearts and souls come this fight: say thanks to you. Ns am so proud that what we developed together. I’d perform it v you all again in a heartbeat.

— Groundwork project (

It"s unsure what he"ll execute next, but in the meantime, here"s what come know around him.

Yes, he"s among those Kennedys.

Joseph Kennedy III was rather literally born into a politics dynasty. His father, Joseph Kennedy II, offered as a member the the home of Representatives because that over 10 years. His grandfather was senator Robert Kennedy, and his great uncles incorporate JFK and longtime Massachusetts city council Ted Kennedy. Going earlier even further, Kennedy"s namesake Joseph Kennedy Sr. Offered as the SEC chairman and also later the U.S. Ambassador to the uk under FDR.

Joe Kennedy even got his political begin on a family campaign. After university at Stanford and also a stint in the peace Corps, in 2006, he functioned on his Uncle Ted"s re-election bid to the Senate.


Joe Kennedy III v his mommy Sheila, dad Joseph Kennedy II, and twin brothers Matthew.
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"People come up every day and also usually say very nice things around my family, yet sometimes not. You obtain both," Kennedy said Town & Country in a 2017 profile, acknowledging that being part of the Kennedy political machine certainly has actually its pros and cons.

"Look, mine family way different points to various folks. Ns think for most human being they have an extremely fond memories and also believe my household made crucial contributions come the country. And also I take place to believe so too, and also I’m grateful when people do point out that and share your stories: "I shook your grandfather’s hand," or JFK’s hand, or "I met her Uncle Teddy.""

He was an initial elected in 2012.

After graduating in Harvard regulation school in 2009, Kennedy worked as one assistant DA in numerous Massachusetts counties, and also in February that 2012, that announced his on purpose to operation for the state"s fourth congressional ar seat, which was open complying with Barney Frank"s retirement. In November of the year, he beat Republican Sean Bielat in the basic election.

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Kennedy has due to the fact that been reelected to the U.S. Residence of representatives two an ext times, in 2014 and 2016, and also he served on the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

In 2018 at simply 37, the was apparently the youngest person to ever supply the Democratic an answer to a Republican State that the Union. Yet he offered up his seat, opting no to run for reelection come the House, in stimulate to run for the Senate.