Who is Jonathan Swan? AXIOS journalist – Biography

Jonathan Swan is a journalist working as a political reporter for the American news website, Axios. The name Axios is indigenous the Greek surname ἄξιος (áxios), which means “worthy”. Jonathan is one Australian. Before working because that AXIOS, Jonathan previously worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and also The Age, then The Hill.

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How old is Jonathan Swan? – Age

Swan is 35 years old together of august 7, 2020. He to be born in 1985 in Australia.

Who is Jonathan Swan’s mom – Family

Jonathan is the boy of Norman Swan, a Scottish-Australian journalist, physician, radio and television broadcaster. His mother is not recognized publicly. Jonathan comes from a household of journalists, v his uncle and also aunt also being invest in the career. The is quiet an Australian citizen however has to plan to become a United says of America citizen.

Who is Jonathan Swan’s mam – Marriage

The Swan household is Jewish, indigenous Jonathan’s dad to the AXIOS reporter himself. He has actually been married due to the fact that September 14th, 2019, to other journalist and also reporter, Betsy Woodruff, that works for Politico.

AXIOS reporter, Jonathan Swan

Jonathan Swan’s career in Journalism – AXIOS

Jonathan started his career in journalism in ~ the age of 25, in his home country of Australia together a nationwide political reporter because that Fairfax Media. He was based in Canberra while likewise working for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper together a political correspondent. In 2013, the relocated to the United claims of America for an academic fellowship i m sorry then caused him functioning as a congressional aide.

In august 2015, Jonathan joined the campaign team because that the American news website “The Hill”. In December 2016, he join the news website, Axios, as a national political reporter in the U.S., regularly covering the trump card presidency. As such, he has damaged several stories around the Trump management as he functions for AXIOS. Because that instance, he to be the an initial reporter to rest the story ~ above the U.S. Pulling out of the Paris climate deal, Trump’s arrangement to identify Jerusalem together Israel’s capital, that Steve Bannon’s task was around to end, and also that trumped would end the Deferred activity for Childhood come executive activity policy. He was additionally at the peak of the story the Paul Ryan, the former Speaker of the residence was retiring native Congress. This has actually made Jonathan be known as one insider reporting on the White residence power struggles, with coverage that Oval Office conversations.

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Jonathan Swan Awards and also Recognition

♦ 2016 – he was named as among “16 Breakout Media Stars” by Politico. He acquired the recognition as a result of the attention from both Democratic and also Republican officials.♦ 2014 – Jonathan to be awarded the Wallace Brown compensation for most outstanding young journalist for his work-related as a member the the Sydney Morning Herald in the Canberra push Gallery, U.S.