John Roberts Biography

John Roberts is a Canadian-American tv journalist. He functions for the Fox News Channel (FNC) in ~ the moment. He functions as the co-anchor of “America Reports”. Formerly, he operated as the Fox News cook White home Correspondent from 2017 to 2021, extending the Donald trump presidency.

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Before involvement Fox News in January 2011, he to be at CNN together an anchor and senior National Correspondent. Additionally, he operated at assorted radio and television jobs prior to joining CTV in 1990, then CBS News in 1992, and also CNN in 2006. On march 12, 2009, he acquired inducted right into the Canadian broadcast Hall the Fame.

John Roberts Age

Roberts is 65 years old together of 2021, he was born top top November 15, 1956, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

John Robert Height

Roberts stands in ~ a height of 5 feet and also 11 inches.

John Roberts’ Photo

John Robert Family

Roberts to be born in Mississauga, Ontario in Toronto. He was brought up together his brother and sister whose names room not yet known. His father passed away when that was about 5 year old when his mother passed away in 2010.

John Roberts Wife

Roberts divorce his formerly married wife, Michele, in 2008. Factors for your break up were not announced. That announced his engagement come Kyra Phillips that is a correspondent for abc News, on April 25, 2010.

John Robert Children

Roberts together with his wife has been blessed through fraternal twins that were born in march 2021. The kids are named Sage Ann and Kellan Clay.

John Roberts Education

Roberts enrolled in ~ Erindale an additional School and additionally joined Lorne Park secondary School. He later on joined the college of Toronto’s Erindale College.

John Roberts Career

Roberts in 2004 local Radio

Roberts began his job on radio at the neighborhood college station, CFRE-FM which is in Mississauga. He began his first job as a reporter and also news anchor with CFOS in Owen Sound, Ontario in 1975.From there, he saw CHYM in Kitchener, and, functioned as a newsman and also DJ, he also worked on-air for radio terminal CJBK in London, Ontario in 1977.

CITY-TV and MuchMusic

Roberts in 1979-1985, branched indigenous his radio work and joined the music newsmagazine The NewMusic top top CITY-TV to co-host with Jeanne Beker. The brand-new Music, which was a pioneering regime at MTV made, Roberts, Beker, and the brand-new Music team win many awards for your work. He also served together an entertain reporter for CITY-TV. In addition, that filled in for john Majhor and also later Brad Giffen on assorted occasions ~ above CITY-TV’s neighborhood music video show Toronto Rocks. In 1984, he join front Canada’s music channel MuchMusic.

He and his colleague Christopher Ward to be the very first on-air personalities appearing when the network launched in 1984.In 1987, the left MuchMusic come anchor for CITY-TV’s CityPulse, he was made anchor the the 10 pm CityPulse Tonight as soon as Anne Mroczkowski left that newscast to sign up with Gord Martineau ~ above the 6 afternoon edition.


Roberts ended up being an anchor/reporter for WCIX i beg your pardon is currently WFOR-TV. That is owned and operated through the CBS television terminal in Miami, Florida in between 1989 and also 1990.


Roberts, in September 1990, went back to Canada wherein he would co-host the national CTV morning display Canada AM, alongside Deborah McGregor. Later on on, he co-hosted the display with Pamela Wallin.


Roberts, after that, joined the CBS News in new York in the year 1992. He began his early assignment by anchoring in the CBS Morning News v his co-anchor Meredith Vieira. Except that, he worked as the newsreader and substitute anchor for Harry blacksmith on CBS This Morning and The early on Show. From 1994 to 1995 the did the in ~ 5 pm and also 11 afternoon newscasts in ~ CBS’s flagship terminal in brand-new York, WCBS-TV. Native March 1995, the moved back to the CBS Network together the anchor the the CBS Sunday evening News, a position that he continued to be in for virtually 11 years. He has likewise anchored the CBS Saturday night News indigenous February 1999 until he came to be the CBS chef White residence Correspondent in respectable 1999.

He served in the volume of chef White home Correspondent in ~ CBS from august 1999 to February 2006, and also from time come time anchored a Sunday-afternoon 3 afternoon ET newscast for the CBS Radio Network. In march 2003, that attached to the 2nd Light Armored reconnaissance Battalion the the U.S. Marines throughout the initial intrusion of Iraq.

On July 19, 2005, he played the component of the introduction for CBS’s coverage on the notice of the nomination of man Roberts for the can be fried Court the the united States.


Roberts join CNN in February 2006. Between July 2006 and August 2006, he report from the prior lines in the Israel/Hezbollah war and at one point, embedded with one Israeli infantry unit, marching 10 miles right into Lebanon. He to be after that well-known with a headline Award for the embed.

In October 2006, that made a go back to Iraq together the an initial anchor the This mainly at battle where he also served together the senior National Correspondent based in Washington. He has as well, substituted because that Anderson Cooper ~ above Anderson Cooper 360°. Also, he offered as co-anchor of CNN’s morning routine American Morning from 2007 come 2010. The anchored from brand-new York. In 2010, this program was nominated for “best morning program” at the Daytime Emmy Awards, however, it shed to good Morning America.

Fox News

Roberts joined Fox News together a senior national correspondent, based in Atlanta, on January 3, 2011. He currently serves together the co-anchor of America Reports on FNC.Roberts has actually reported on many breaking news occasions including the killing trial of actual estate heritage Robert Durst, the U.S. Outbreak that Ebola, the 2013 EF5 Moore tornado, Oklahoma, and the results of Hurricane Irene in 2011 and also the coverage that American politics.

In January 2017, Roberts operated as the chef White residence correspondent for Fox News. He might cover the tasks of united state President Donald Trump. At part point, he attracted far-reaching attention in 2020 because that criticizing the trumped presidency’s hostility v the media and its failure to properly notify the media. In the first presidential controversy in the 2020 elections, he gained into a boil exchange with push secretary Kayleigh McEnany end the president’s failure to explicitly denounce white supremacy. During the push briefing, he frustratedly said McEnany come “stop deflecting, avoid blaming the media”, this comments would later backfire ~ above him, prompting debate over the topic in the media and amongst politicians.

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In October 2020, the signed a multi-year contract extension and that that would remain with Fox News for the comes years.On January 14, 2021, Fox News promoted him to an anchor position, v a 1-3 pm show entitled “America Reports.”

John Roberts Awards

Roberts, transparent his career, has received numerous awards including three national Emmy awards for his coverage the the Atlanta Olympic bombing, the death of Princess Diana and the TWA crash, and also a Gracie award for his coverage of a groundbreaking surgical procedure to fix neural pipe defects

John Roberts salary & net Worth

Roberts earns an annual salary of roughly $ 33,774- $ 112,519.His estimated net precious is $ 1.5 million.