President john F. Kennedy, assassinated less than three years after acquisition office, to be born on might 29, 1917. This day would be his 103rd birthday.

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Kennedy began his term together the 35th chairman of the United claims in January 1961.

He died on Nov. 22, 1963, after gift shot if in Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy and also his wife, Jacqueline, to be riding in a motorcade indigenous the airport headed to a luncheon where he was booked to speak. They to be accompanied through Texas Governor man Connally and also his wife, Nellie.

The automobile sped turn off to Parkland Memorial Hospital whereby JFK to be pronounced dead at 1 p.m. His human body was required to Air force One where, before the aircraft took off, lyndon B. Johnson was administered the oath the office in ~ 2:38 p.m.

Connally was seriously injured and also underwent surgical procedure for wounds to his back, chest, wrist and also thigh, according to

Kennedy and Connally to be shot through Lee Harvey Oswald who was arrested for shooting Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit about 45 minute after the shoot of Kennedy. Oswald was killed two days later on by former Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

The evening News reported on Sept. 16, 1960, that an ext than 9,000 people attended a dinner with Kennedy at Zembo Shrine Mosque and Scottish Rite Cathedral. Tents were set up ~ above the lawn to accommodate the crowd.

On that visit, Kennedy made stops in Harrisburg, Lebanon, Reading, Lancaster, Columbia and York before heading come Baltimore.

His remarks in industry Square were short – only 4 minutes. And, he was 65 minute late. State employees had actually been released at an early stage so they might hear his speech.


Sen. Man F. Kennedy at the Zembo Mosque and also Scottish Rite Cathedral on Sept. 15, 1960, wherein the democratic presidential nominee ceded a speech before 9,000 the was likewise televised, Kennedy visits supporters in tents in the Zembo Mosque parking lot of in Harrisburg. (The Patriot-News archives)

"The reception in reading was so enthusiasm the Massachusetts senator's shirt was ripped in the crowd that swarmed end his motorcade.

Kennedy stopped at a filling station external Reading and went into the owner's head behind the station to readjust shirts.”

In 1962, ~ being elected president, he campaigned below for others. Kennedy to be greeted anywhere he walk by enthusiasm crowds.

His speech there was interrupted 19 times, according to the newspaper report, by “thunderous applause. In ~ the end of his speech, i m sorry took less than 20 minutes, the tumultuous roar was better than ever. Kennedy started the applause beforehand with an introductory remark: ‘I will present myself. I am Teddy Kennedy’s brother.’”


Sen. John F. Kennedy speaking near The point out restaurant in sector Square, Harrisburg, Sept. 15, 1960. (Allied Pix archive at the Historical culture of Dauphin County)

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