Some think the reappearance of man F. Kennedy’s son, who passed away in a aircraft crash in 1999, will bring around the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.

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A mrs waves a Trump and John F. Kennedy Jr. Flag follow me Elm Street in ~ Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas ~ above Nov. 2, 2021. The team believes john F. Kennedy Jr., who died in aircraft crash in 1999, will return and also reinstate Donald Trump as president.(Elias Valverde II / staff Photographer)

By Michael Williams and Catherine Marfin

1:46 afternoon on Nov 2, 2021 CDT — Updated at 5:34 pm on Nov 2, 2021 CDT

Scores of QAnon loyalty gathered Tuesday afternoon in downtown Dallas in the hopes that man F. Kennedy Jr. Would appear, proclaiming the reinstatement the Donald Trump as president.

The supporters an initial gathered Monday night in downtown Dallas, and around 1 p.m. Tuesday over there were numerous hundred human being near Dealey Plaza, where President man F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

Kennedy’s son passed away in a plane crash in 1999 at period 38, however some pendant of the QAnon conspiracy theory believe that he has spent the critical 22 year in hiding. Castle think man F. Kennedy Jr. Will reappear at the plaza before midnight Tuesday, Newsweek reported.

Here at Dealey Plaza, where numerous QAnon supporters have gathered expecting JFK Jr to expose himself wherein his father to be assassinated. (JFK Jr. Passed away in a plane crash in 1999.)

— Michael Williams (

One write-up from a widely complied with QAnon society media account said that ~ Trump was reinstated as president, that would step down and also JFK Jr. Would come to be president. Then former National security Adviser Michael Flynn would certainly be appointed together his vice president and also Trump would certainly ultimately end up being the “king the kings,” follow to Newsweek.

Experts who have been complying with QAnon due to the fact that its inception said that even they were surprised through the variety of people who verified up Tuesday in Dallas.


QAnon pendant gather along Elm Street in ~ Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas top top Nov. 2, 2021. The group believes man F. Kennedy Jr., who passed away in plane crash in 1999, will certainly return and also reinstate Donald Trump as president. (Elias Valverde II/The Dallas Morning News)(Elias Valverde II / employee Photographer)

”Frankly, I’m type of shocked at just how many people turned out for this,” stated Jared Holt, a resident other at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic study Lab who researches domestic extremism. “This wasn’t a prevalent belief, even amongst QAnon followers.”

The QAnon conspiracy concept centers on fealty to Trump, that adherents believe will dismantle a shadowy “Deep State,” which they believe comprises leftist politicians and also celebrities who are pedophiles.

Law enforcement groups, consisting of the FBI, have actually warned the the threats of real-world violence by pendant of the movement. QAnon believers were well-represented during the Jan. 6 insurrection in ~ the U.S. Capitol.

In 2019, a support of the motion allegedly gunned under a understood underboss the the Gambino crime family ― an act The new York Times defined as “the most high-profile mob killing in decades.” earlier this year, a California male said the conspiracy concept led the to death his two children, NPR reported.

QAnon is one umbrella group, in which various segments don’t constantly agree ~ above ideologies, Holt said. He believes Tuesday’s event grew out of chat networks that space obsessed with numerology.

Posts in those channels indicated JFK Jr. Would reveal himself Tuesday, however Holt claimed he was unsure why believers determined he would certainly pick Dallas, the website of his father’s death, of every places, to disclose himself.

While it might be difficult not to laugh at several of the theory’s an ext outlandish claims, Holt claimed the truth that together a big group was able to mobilize in human being is concerning.

“If they’re willing to display up to the Grassy Knoll reasoning JFK Jr. Is coming back, that scares me to think the what happens when they obtain real power,” he said.

JFK Jr. Has been a popular figure among QAnon conspiracy theorists. In 2019, part members believed he would certainly return top top July 4 together Trump’s evil president, Forbes reported. An additional theory posits that JFK Jr. Is “Q,” the group’s anonymous leader, follow to Forbes.

After a few hours of standing on the Grassy Knoll, waving at passing cars and reciting the pledge the allegiance, the group retreated from hefty rains. Some stated they expected a revelation Tuesday night in ~ the rolling Stones concert in Dallas. Rather vowed come return in ~ midnight come the Grassy Knoll, where they think JFK Jr. Will certainly appear.

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Micki Larson-Olson, that wore a QAnon-themed Captain America costume Tuesday, said she not only believes JFK Jr. Is alive — she additionally believes that his father was never assassinated and also that the 104-year-old previous president will appear to assist usher in a Trump-JFK Jr. Administration.

How will she react once the former president and his dead son do not display up?

“We’ll figure that something happened in the arrangement that make it no safe to perform it,” she said. “If the doesn’t walk down exactly how I believe it will, it is OK. We’ll figure it simply wasn’t the appropriate time.”

Michael Williams, breaking News reporter



Catherine Marfin, breaking News Reporter. Catherine covers breaking news at The Dallas Morning News. She is a graduate the the university of Texas in ~ Austin, wherein she studied journalism and public relations. While at UT, Catherine offered as managing editor of The day-to-day Texan, UT's college student paper, and interned in ~ the Texas Tribune and Houston Chronicle.