The Christian viral video-maker is back online ~ confessing his “sexual sin and also addiction” and seeking treatment.

Christian comedian john Crist is earlier online thanking fans for your “undeserved” support as that sought treatment in the wake up of a sexual harassment scandal.

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Crist, who provided to article daily videos and also jokes to millions on society media, disappeared from the internet in November once a Charisma magazine examination reported allegations of sex-related misconduct toward young female fans.

The 36-year-old post a video to facebook on Wednesday speak he spent the past eight month “getting help” because that his “problem,” including four months in a treatment facility, and also that that plans to proceed the restore process. He did not name the basic or regimen through which he got treatment.

In a an answer to the Charisma investigation last year, he had actually admitted that he has actually struggled v “sexual sin and also addiction.”

In the video, Crist did not specifically cite the nature of his misconduct or to apologize to fans or victims, only saying the takes complete responsibility because that the options he made.

“All mine comedy videos were mentioning hypocrisy in some method ... And the many embarrassing part of this whole thing is the greatest hypocrite was me,” Crist claimed in the four-and-half-minute clip.

He admitted that he had actually to stand up to the advice to come virtual to rationalize his behavior or safeguard himself, and that that misses being able to do comedy videos.

While in treatment, Crist was entirely offline and away indigenous his phone, but he claimed his sister would certainly forward messages of support from fans.

“I presume I resided in a community of human being that would certainly be the an initial to look under on me and also judge me and allude fingers at me, however I feeling nothing but the opposite,” that told fans.

The video, titled “A post from me :)” went increase Wednesday morning, days after Crist update his on facebook profile picture for the an initial time due to the fact that stepping away from society media critical year. In ~ 15 minute of the update, an ext than 1,000 fans had actually commented v their support and excitement end his potential return.

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In addition to halting his social media clips, which frequently joke or satirize aspects of Christian culture, the examination led to the cancellation of his comedy tour, a Netflix special, and also his very first book.

According come Charisma’s reporting, he had been utilizing his celebrity come manipulate young females to provide him sexual favors, all the when repeating his signature joke line “Check your Heart.”