As the eldest kid of the Walton family members John-Boy carries lot of the responsibility of helping his parents approximately the home and also with looking ~ his younger siblings i beg your pardon at times he can be a little bit resentfull of. John-Boy has actually a passion for writing. That writes about his family and experiences every night in his journal. At the period of 18 he enters Boatwright college to research writing. To do ends meet he functions as a institution librarian. By 21 he has actually bought his own printing press and also begins come publish a regional paper called "The Blue Ridge Chronicle". Later on that year, his an initial novel is published and also he provides the choice to leaving the hill for new York to seek his composing career. During people War II while writing for "Stars and also Stripes"magazine that becomes lost at sea. After experiencing a bout of amnesia John-Boy return to Europe and also continues to write for the "Stars and also Stripes" after ~ the battle he goes back to new York and also submits a war novel come his publisher which it s okay rejected. He then finds a job in tv where the serves as a news anchor. That meets Janet Gilchrist that is one editor because that Harper"s magazine. The two are married top top Walton"s Mountain.

Featured storylines
"The Hunt" (s1-ep4) "The Typewriter" (s1-ep5)
"The literary Man" (s1-ep11) "The Actress" (s1-ep15)
"The Love Story" (s1-ep17) "The Deed" (s1-ep20)
"The Townie" (s1-ep23) "The Journey" (s2-ep1)
"The Odyssey" (s2-ep2) "The Chicken Thief" (s2-ep6)
"The Thanksgiving Story" (s2-ep10) "The Triangle" (s2-ep14)
"The Honeymoon" (s2-ep16) "The Graduation" (s2-ep22)
"The Car" (s2-ep24) "The very first Day" (s3-ep2)
"The Thoroughbred" (s3-ep3) "The Ring" (s3-ep6)
"The System" (s3-ep7) "The Marathon" (s3-ep9)
"The Book" (s3-ep10) "The Job" (s3-ep11)
"The Beguiled" (s3-ep17) "The Statue" (s3-ep21)
"The Woman" (s3-ep23) "The Sermon" (s4-ep1)
"The Breakdown" (s4-ep6) "The Wing-Walker" (s4-ep7)
"The Emergence" (s4-ep9) "The Abdication" (s4-ep11)
"The big Brother" (s4-ep19) "The Fledgling" (s4-ep23)
"The Collision" (s4-ep24) "The an initial Edition" (s5-ep1)
"The Fire Storm" (s5-ep5) "The Cloudburst" (s5-ep8)
"The Hero" (s5-ep18) "The Inferno" (s5-ep19)
"The Heartbreaker" (s5-ep20) "The Achievement" (s5-ep24)
"The Return" (s6-ep20) "The Revelation" (s6-ep21)






John-Boy"s Love Interests:

Marcia Woolery Jenny Pendleton Selena Linville Daisy Garner Madeline Bennett Bobby temperament Simone Berringer mrs Schuyler Janet Gilcrest

Watch a short video clip on the tumultuous relationship between John-Boy and Marcia Woolery that we made.

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The personality of John-Boy was portrayed in periods 8, 9 and the third movie special, by gibbs Robert Wightman. While numerous will say the he did not fill the pair of shoes of the top character produced by Richard thomas it might be argued that throughout the last 2 seasons as the critical of the initial adult family members left the display Robert Wightman"s portrayal was among the last nuanced strengths of the whithering series.

Robert"s Wikipedia page Movie and TV lisitngs top top IMDB

Richard Thomas
Born: June 13, 1951 in new York City Richard Thomas has been acting due to the fact that the period of 7. His parental were v the New York City Ballet and owned the new York college of Ballet. They provided Richard a foundation of dance which is apparent in his physics acting. By the time he was cast in The Homecoming as John-Boy in ~ the age of 20 that was currently an skilled veteran that stage and also screen. His Broadway debut at the age of 7 in Sunrise in ~ Campobello would certainly pave the means for his long illustrious career.

Some the Richard"s other dramatic work contains the 1974 TV movie that The Red argorial of Courage, Roots II: The following Generations which had his Walton co-stars HalWilliams and also Lynn Hamilton, the Michael Douglas movie The Wonder Boys and an ext recently he joined the actors of the Keri Russell FX series The Americans.

Did friend know:

John-Boy"s nickname was "Sprocket" when he was farming up. Waltons creator Earl Hamner"s nickname was "Spark Plug". Richard"s center name is Earl, which renders one wonder what Earl Hamner thought of that?


Further Reading:

While countless fans reap the episode that functions the young love the John-Boy discovers with Jenny Pendleton in The Love Story it might surprise part to know that off-screen these 2 actors common a romantic partnership of your for quick time.


You have the right to read an short article here that features photos and documents your break-up.

On February 15, 1975 in ~ the period of 23 Richard married his very first wife, Alma Gonzalas.They had 4 kids together.



From July 18th to the 22nd 1977, Richard cutting board co-hosted The Mike Douglas show.

Monday"s guests - gibbs Jack Klugman, impressionist Fred Travalena, singer Jose Greco, Broadway"s Annie star Andrea McArdle with cast members Robyn Finn, Shelly Bruce, Donna Graham, Diana Barrows, Janine Ruane and Danielle Brisbois and Richard"s mam Alma Thomas through their child Richard Jr.

Tuesday"s guests - actor Vincent Gardenia, nation singer-actor Roy Rogers and his mam Dale Evans v the sons of the Pioneers, a Western singing group and author Beatrice Lydecker.

Wednesday"s guest - Star battles cast actors Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and also Mark Hamill, Baseball football player Pete Rose and also Tom Seaver, singer Billy Paul and Mummenschanz a mime group.

Thursday"s guests - Richard"s sister Bronwyn, country singer Tammy Wynette, gibbs Peter Isacksen, comic Stan Kann, a Hollywood star closeup on the collection of Fire revenue with cast Alan Arkin, Vincent Gardenia, Kay Medford and also Producer Marvin Worth and also Dr. Michael DeBakey.

Friday"s guest - director otto Preminger, comedian Stan Kann, actor Patrick Wayne and also actress Taryn strength stars the Sinbad & the Eye the the Tiger, rock group Graham central Station and Mrs. Edward Slovik mam of the American soldier executed because that desertion.

Looking at the guest list you will an alert an lack of Walton actors members. Once Ron Howard co-hosted a couple of weeks before, he had Henry Winkler and also a few other Happy Day"s cast members on. My thought is though that Richard to be looking to do a break in between himself and also the show and this to be a way to be regarded as his own personality without being pulled ago into the John-Boy persona. Richard had however invited his wife, son and sister on together guests.

The clip listed below features Star Wars cast members, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and also Mark Hamil.

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Read much more about this episode

Richard cutting board made part Minute Maid Ads i beg your pardon featured his family and triplets. Right here are 3 ads indigenous 1984, 1985 and 1986.

In 2017 Richard cutting board was nominated for his very first Tony Award because that his role in the Broadway manufacturing of "The little Foxes" the made his Broadway debut in ~ the period of seven, starring opposite James Earl Jones in "Sunrise at Campobello". Now practically sixty years later, the stage and also screen star is offering the power of a lifetime as Horace Giddens in "The small Foxes". Watch as he chats v Richard Ridge about his very first Tony nomination!
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